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  1. Guitar strap buttons work like a charm. Six could be had for about $6 on ebay
  2. I cleaned up the routing with my dremel tool and layed in the veener. I've not done that before and it was fun. I think it came out awesome and exactly what I was looking for.
  3. I drew some geometric shapes on the back to make it a little less plain. I plan on routing out and laying in some veneer.
  4. I picked this body up on ebay. Someone laminated 1/4" oak, mahogany and maple to 1 1/2" poplar to achieve a standard 1 3/4" strat body thickness. I didn't mind, in fact I kind of liked it. I always hated a blank white canvas so to speak, so here was something to work with and hopefully improve. I was going to go with the strat shape but got turned on by some research of the Paul Bigsby guitars of the late 1940's. Could I honor his aesthetics in my own build? Hope so.
  5. I'm starting a Fender Marauder build based on the '66 prototype. The control/bridge plates are all unique. I'm going to cut them out of a sheet of aluminum and custom cut a pickguard, My project body is set up for a Jaguar trem. I will fill in the cavity and rout for the Mustang trem. I'm thinking of using two SD P-rails pickups.
  6. The acoustic guitar is a beauty. It would be my #1. The Tele has nice use of wood characteristics on the body and electronic appointments!
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