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  1. ADFinlayson

    The Black Queen

    I've literally just had some delivered that I got from Amazon (.com), I haven't used it yet but going to do some testers with in soon. It was expensive but I imagine it would be cheaper for you on that side of the pond. My plan is to use it in areas of an inlay that are going to be too awkward to cut small mop shapes out for.
  2. OK so I clearly have a problem that I may need to see somebody for - I was trying to have a sort out in the garage last night because the mess is getting out of control, and I stumbled across my third build, the Ovangkol LP style build when I remembered that I needed to make a thicknessing jig in order to do what I needed to do to it. I was also going through my mass of offcuts to see what I could get rid of and decided to make a jig to "use up some offcuts" One thing led to another, and another project has begun That's 3 build I have in progress now and two comissions queued so I need to sort my self out and start prioritising work, but that's a whole other issue... So here is a aforementioned guitar. I like it a lot, but it weighs over 12lb which will not do, I got the switches too close together so I was always catching the volume when going for the switch, the inlay work is rubbish etc. I unset the neck several months ago with a jug of water and my girlfriends hairdryer, giving you an indication of how bad the neck joint was. So the plan then, to use my thicknessing jig and router so skim off the top carved area of the body leaving the 30mm carved back and control cavity. Behold the crudest thicknessing sled the world has ever seen, worked well though! I got an awesome surfacing bit from Radian tools, the whole job only took about half an hour. which left a 30mm body, just needs a bit of tidying up, there are some rough areas - ovangkol does not like being, planed, routed, drilled, sawed or looked at in any way, and this 30mm slither still weighs nearly 6lb! So I'm going to hollow this out as much as I can, I'm going to put the toggle switch in the standard les paul position and have vol, tone, coiltap switches in that cavity. So as well as hollowing, I'll also need a channel and a route for the switch. I've had some 3a flamed maple sitting in waiting for quite some time for this, so I got to work jointing and glueing it. A fair bit of work involed as both pieces has cupped, so I had to flatted the back of them with a hand plane before I could do the jointing - glue up is a lot better than it looks, left-had piece is slightly taller so there is a lip (he hopes) So the plan for the top, is to shape and carve it first, then cut an f-hole, then glue it onto the body. I see some potential issues here - Top will be carved prior to glue up so I need to be able to clamp an odd shape body and top together, both body and top will be at final dimensions, so I need to be careful there is no slip during glue up. Need to ensure that the break angle in the carve is consistent with the bottom of the neck pocket too, I'm tempted to carve before planing in the break angle, then do the break angle after test fitting the neck until it looks parallel with the fretboard, but I need to make a new neck for it before I get anywhere close to that. Still, used up a few off-cutes
  3. ADFinlayson

    The Black Queen

    Another option is MOP powder, you can get it in course, fine, super fine etc. You could do your miniature stars by just poking the board with a bradawl and filling with mop dust and super glue. Mop dust can be filed, sanded smooth so you won't have to worry about finishing wire.
  4. ADFinlayson

    The Black Queen

    I guess with a fretboard as artisan as this, the location of each of the miniature stars could be decided as you do them, after all they might look different when you're doing the real thing. Absolutely loving the concept, that ebony is devine.
  5. ADFinlayson

    Build #7 -Ollie's Neckthrough flying V

    Haha it would make a pretty slick f hole
  6. ADFinlayson

    Build #7 -Ollie's Neckthrough flying V

    I love scrapers too, I'm just rubbish at sharpening them! It's one of the things I really struggle with, watched several youtube vids on sharpening them but just don't seem to be able to get a good edge on them. These curved ones are especially awkward
  7. ADFinlayson

    Build #7 -Ollie's Neckthrough flying V

    Last night i sorted out my control cover, using magnets again, I tapped in some pins then cut the heads of them. That way I could push the cover down and mark the spots where the magnets would go before drilling a load of holes and sticking them down with super glue. Then with the magnets holding it in place, I planed the cover flush with a block plane. Then I finished the blade slot today. I routed the underside of the cavity to expose the slot I chiselled out and it worked first time with the caveat that this is a finder 5-way super switch and PRS style ebony switch tip that was never going to fit so I had to file down the blade until it fitted. Now I've got started on carving the top. After roughing it all out with a gouge, I used my smallest thumb plane to knock off all the high spots, but I've gone as far as I can with that. Lots of work to do with mini scrapers now because the carved areas are just too small to get the orbital sander in there. Starting to see some nice flames though Oh I also tidied up the neck pickup route (believe it or not). I used a 1/4" straight bit as that's all I have, with the shaft running straight up against the template, got it as close to the right shape as I could but the mdf template started to turn to smoosh so I left it at that.
  8. ADFinlayson

    First neck-thru

    When you say wiring channel, do you mean this sort of thing? I did this free hand with the router but there is no reason why you couldn't do the same thing with a hammer and a sharp chisel. To make it easier, you could drill holes to your given depth a long a line then clean it up with the chisel. Some folk do pickup cavities, neck pockets, control cavities etc with a chisel, it's just easier/faster with a template. Otherwise, have you tried looking at the selling sites, facebook, gumtree etc? There are 2nd hand routers/tables all over the internet for not too much money. I picked up a used Ryobi myself a few weeks ago at half the cost of a new one.
  9. ADFinlayson

    Build #7 -Ollie's Neckthrough flying V

    Cheers dude, wiring is certainly not an area of building that I excel in so I will definitely be asking if I get stuck
  10. Totally agree with that, I have loads of ideas, even got the wood in for them, just not the time to execute!
  11. ADFinlayson

    Build #7 -Ollie's Neckthrough flying V

    I've been on that site actually and had a look when I was wiring up the wenge build because I wanted to do the above just with SD pickups where the wiring is different, I ended up binning off the idea altogether as I couldn't find a schematic for it. But I see that PRS have republished their schematics online - the had conveniently taken them down when I was wiring that one. Found this though: https://www.prsguitars.com/documents/customs_2017.pdf I think PRS have been wiring their CU22s and 24s like this for a few years now.
  12. ADFinlayson

    Build #7 -Ollie's Neckthrough flying V

    Thanks chaps, nothing super exciting for the switching; 5-way blade with PRS style wiring. 1. Bridge hum 2. Bridge hum + neck single 3. Both hum 4. both outer single coils 5. Neck hum I'm not sure how to actually achieve this, I was going to take a picture of the switch on Ollie's custom 24 and do an exact copy of that, we're using PRS pups so wire colours should be the same
  13. ADFinlayson

    The waiting game

    My CC has had a hammering since I started building a year ago. I would struggle to figure out how much I've spent on tools and materials, I know it's less than my salary - mortage, that's it I also struggle with parts, no one supplier ever has everything I need for a build, so end up getting some things from ebay, northwest guitars, tonetech, thomann, amazon etc. Wood is always something I end up waiting an age for, especially from ebay sellers abroad. I've bought parts from stumac before, but never again. Shipping to the UK is expensive, it takes minimum of 3 weeks to arrive, then there is the import duty on top. So I try and stick to UK/EU sellers where I can. I've also done an emergency wood order to keep me tied over while Brexit turmoil ensues. If it all goes t!ts up, I'll be in my garage until it all blows over
  14. ADFinlayson

    headstock/tuner placment

    This forum is rubbish for uploads, you need to upload your photos elsewhere then embed it, I use photos.google.com
  15. ADFinlayson

    Build #7 -Ollie's Neckthrough flying V

    Cut a couple of blade slots tonight. I’ve only done this once before and it was about six months ago, so I did my prototype strat build first. I haven’t got a template or a router bit capable of doing this so the cleanest method I could find to do this is to draw around the slot of a cheap scratch plate, then drill 4 2mm pilot holes, then score with a scalpel and ruler between the two inner holes and carefully hog out the slot between just like how one would hand cut an inlay cavity. Once about 3-4mm down, I’ll come back with the router and deepen the control cavity in that area so the slot will fit and it will nicely reveal the slot. Its scary how little wood there has to be here to accommodate a blade switch! I need 4mm outer holes to accommodate the screws but I did 2mm pilots so that the countersink bit doesn’t wobble about too much, then I come back with a 4mm hss bit and increase the hole size. only took about 15 mins per slot and nowhere near as nerve racking I remembered!