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  1. Maybe there needs to be a new PG competition to run along side GOTM - How many guitars other members build before Norris finishes the DC
  2. I wouldn't worry about the glue joint, I couldn't really see any problem. Joe Bloggs wouldn't either. Looks stunning
  3. Yep fretting sucks. On the bass I'm working on, I had trouble getting the stainless steel fret ends to stay down, had super glue and press each fret end down for 2 mins... 2 mins times 48 fret ends
  4. That f-hole looks like it must have been a pita to bind, looks great though. It'll sound mean with a neck p90 too
  5. Absolutely no expert on this but I was watching some youtube vids from PJEggle and others that do aged finishes, they mentioned freezing for 24 hours before getting them warm again.
  6. Water down wood glue slightly and paint the edges of your Mdf templates then sand smooth, it will seal and harden the edges so the template doesn’t turn to smooth under your router
  7. I drive a bright red pearlescent TTS, It looks clean even when it's filthy. Though I'm seriously thinking about swapping it for something more suited to carting around children, dogs and wood.
  8. Which Crimson stains do you have? I've bought several of the water based and spirit based stains but feel they were all useless. They come far too diluted to stain maple. All I use their black stain for is grain raising and showing up the scratches I missed before sanding it all off again. The shots I expect are better, but after doing these recent testers, I'm convinced that regardless of whether or not theyre water or alcohol based - to get any vibrant the stains need to be concentrated or close to. Anything can be sanded back to reduce intensity. I found this really useful video the other day. Definitely worth a watch
  9. You might, I don't think I even washed my car in 2019
  10. You can remove wax safely with naptha (or whatever it's called) or lighter fluid - A few drops on a cloth and wipe gently until it's all gone. If you have fogging from high humidity when you're spraying, you don't need to sand back, just go over it gently with a heat gun the following day and it will go clear again. One question though, why are you putting wax over lacquer?
  11. Very pleased with the Angelus dyes! I think I shall be ordering a few more of them. This was a couple of coats of the Purple sanded back with 220, then a couple of light coats of the Light Rose. Left it about an hour before chucking some Lacquer over it. Depending on how I look at it. I can see pinks, purples, blues and blacks in there. But I think I probably need to sand the purple back a bit more, then just try one coat of the rose to see if I can get it to pop some more. Surprisingly the lacquer doesn't look too bad considering it's nitro out of a can sprayed in 8ºC, pissing rain and 85% humidity
  12. Well you're on the right track with 1500+ people liking your facebook page for sure. Based on my marketing and creative backgrounds - I think for small builders, the internet is by far the best marketing route. A professional website/brand that is reflected across social media platforms and regularly updating facebook/instagram etc is key to getting brand recognition. The problem with converting that into order is that you're lucky if 1 in every 100 followers eligible to order one. Custom builders are always going to be faced with the fact that there is a very smaller number of players than can afford to spend £2000+ on a guitar; an even smaller number of those are going to want a custom/handmade guitar over the Gibson/PRS they've always wanted. So converting Likes and Follows into revenue is the real challenge. I've had a facebook page going for about 18 months so only have something around 250 Likes, but the trouble is that at least half of those Likes are members of Amateur Luthier as a result of me sharing my builds on facebook - Those people aren't going to be ordering guitars. The most successful avenue for real new customers for me so far has been down to direct referrals though. I built a guitar for the drummer in my band in 2018 (also plays guitar), and a few of his friends have been down to the studio to see it and a couple of my other builds, 2 of those have turned into orders. So it really just seams to be an exponential growth thing from referrals - The more we churn out, the more that come along.
  13. I seem to remember their cavities are all copper taped, can you remove the tape at the same time as tugging on the pickup? might be just enough to get it angled enough to take it out. Absolute worse case, you could take a sharp chisel and remove a hair of material right by from where it's jammed, again just enough to get a bit of angle in there so you can work it loose. If you reapply some copper tape afterwards, it will never be seen. And def file the poles down before reinserting! The PRS single cut template I use regularly also have very tight routs and I have to round over the screw poles slightly (even with PRS pickups) to get them in as well.
  14. you're not wrong, I'm also going to see what I can get with water-based concentrates while I'm waiting for the Angelus stuff to arrive. Hopefully I'll be able to show him a couple of options.
  15. I did also try purple over that, it looked dreadful.
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