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  1. Well at least you've now got an MDF template to help you build a proper one
  2. ADFinlayson

    Hi - Starting building #6

    Thanks @jgordonXXX I think it's important to post the workings of our projects (warts and all) so we can learn from one an-others mistakes as well as successes. New dots arrived yesterday so I fired them in last night, much happier with that. You can't see it but I've grain-filled the back fo the neck and I'm waiting for that to cure fully so I can get it sanded back. No doubt it will expose floors in my sanding around the heel and volute - I find these areas to be a nightmare to sand, in which case I'll be rinsing and repeating here. Before graining filling I also remove a small amount of material from the heel tweaked the break angle so it still works with the bridge height. Quick work with my no4 plane. I've got 24 frets to cut, tang-nip and file back now, looking forward to having a go on my new fret-bender, lets see if it produces better results than my DIY bit of MDF :D
  3. ADFinlayson

    Glad to be here.

    Welcome, Im a fairly new member myself, only on my 6th build currently. As above, when you start a new project, be sure to post your progress - The method is as interesting to see as the final result. Good luck with your 4-string
  4. that sounds like more trouble than it's worth, in theory all I need to use is have a straight edge running down the centre 3mm off the centre line and use a 6mm bearing bit off that. Or use one of these round collet things (I cant remember what they're called) and offset the straight edge half the diameter of that away from the centre line. If none of that is possible, I'm sure it wont take that long to do it with a chisel.
  5. Can't do that, the centre laminate of the neck is tapered so the contrast strips follow the taper of the neck.
  6. Forgot to mention, the guy it's for is every specifically wanting a PRS 24 neck on it, so I'm going to use that neck template as a routing template to route the neck taper, then I'm planning to stick a feather edge to it to make the headstock and body carry on that taper.
  7. Not exactly expert opinion but I'm working on the laminates for my first through at the moment. This drawing is not accurate or to scale but it gives an idea of how I'm approaching it. You can see the taper of the neck is going to start at the end of the headstock and go all the way through to the body, this design makes sense for me because the plan is to taper the laminates also so all the laminates are in a sort of V and it save faffing around with an angle where the neck joins the body wings. The dashed line indicates the blanks that I'm going to glue and cut off after glue up because clamping a V will be a pain other wise. One floor I've found in this plan is that the neck will be tapered from the off so I won't have a square edge to run a fence for a truss channel, so I'm going to have to make a truss rod template of some kind or another. But that's the basic concept.
  8. ADFinlayson

    Hi - Starting building #6

    After looking at it many times over the lat couple of days... I've ordered more dots I've just opened an exciting parcel for my build that came in the post today too; PRS HFS pickup to go in the bridge, PRS volume, tone, rings and strap buttons and a graphtec 43mm nut. I suppose I better get it finished
  9. ADFinlayson

    Komodo's Metal Tele

    That's is my favourite wiring/switching you've got there. I've gone with the same on most of my builds. I tried out black winters recently, they did nothing for me at all. I play metal but desire a hint of vintage fatness from my neck pups. Recently I've used a demarzio liquifire in the neck, I can highly recommend that pickup and you'll be able to coiltap it without too much volume loss. I've also tried out the holcomb signiture duncans recently - They are seriously high gain if you're looking for a metal sound but the bridge pickup is just a bit thin and meh. The neck pickup on the other hand is really something else, sounds amazing when both tapped or humbucking, but there is a bit more volume loss than the liquifire.
  10. ADFinlayson

    Hi - Starting building #6

    Back to fretboard inlays last night, I think I've just about successfully hidden the poorly located eye socket eye-socket by filing down a bit of mop blank and filling with mop dust and superglue. I was going to just have a 12th inlay and forgo anything else, but I tend to get lost up the dusty end if I don't have something on the fretboard, so I used up the last of my 2mm mop dots. I really like these, they're subtle but enough. The only trouble is that I think it looks a bit weird with only having dots from 15th onwards, so I think I'll have to order some more and inlay the rest.
  11. I'm a patreon supporter but don't have access to the patreon content section. Do I need to do anything to gain access?
  12. ADFinlayson

    Hi - Starting building #6

    Not a huge amount of progress on this one, I've been adding nightly coats of oil to #5 with the addition of daddy-day-care this weekend - mrs has to work every other weekend now which has put a dent in my garage time. I have managed to do some experimenting with grainfiller on some limba offcuts though. Really happy with how black grainfiller came out, especially on the sapwood after a coat of poly so I decided to go with it. So I sanded it all back with the random orbital and a soft pad to 220, painted it with an oil-based grain filler and sanded it back to 220 the following day. Really happy with that. Back onto the inlay this week
  13. ADFinlayson

    Firebird "ish"

    That's interesting, I've seen several youtubers say that the point of a through neck and what gives them their "improved sustain" which is obviously very subjective; is the lack of a lateral glue joint between the peg and the bridge to inhibit vibration. So I guess if the glue joint on the scarf makes no difference, then a set-neck theoretically would sound no different either. I've got a through-neck bass build coming up, a scarf joint at the headstock will save a bit of £ on wood.
  14. ADFinlayson

    First guitar!

    "Badly made, great pickups" that's my niche. Get your own
  15. It doesn't matter if your truss rod channel isn't perfect, it's hardly visible. The blue PRS rep I've been working on has a little zig-zag in the truss channel where I forgot to lock off the router. It looked like a dogs dinner before the fretboard went on Looking good though, I'm really liking the looking of sapele/maple contrast strips.