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  1. It's only an iPhone and a gopro! Something to note though, double the cameras is not double the editing, it's more like 4 times the editing. Yeah my body routing video got a bit of traction. I had something like 15 new subs after I uploaded that one. There is so much useful information in analytics, the audience drop off screen is such a useful tool. it essentially tells you what not to do again and what to do more of, if you're goal is a larger audience anyway. I can't see that I'll be keeping up 3 videos a week, maybe 1 tops, it's just too much work. I mean I could have built a guitar in that time
  2. Thanks chaps, I’m got a voice recorder and lapel mic thanks to @Urumiko and used that audio over the footage. The recorder isn’t doing any auto levelling but it’s possible that the software is. Will examine further during the next lot of editing. Yes speaking slowly, probably due to 10 years of being a software engineer talking to people in marketing
  3. Hey, where abouts are you? You have a couple of things I will be interested in, just trying to determine whether it would be worth the drive. PM if you want. Edit, i'm actually interested in most of it, but I'm not fitting a band saw in a TT Cheers Ash
  4. You're steaming ahead. If you haven't got a long jointer plane e.g no7 to square the top of the neck off with, you could always stick a roll of sandpaper stuck down on a flat surface (thick 18mm mdf would do) and rub the top face of the neck down on that.
  5. well I have that covered now, I just got myself a voice recorder and @Urumiko sent me a spare lapel mic he had so next video should be better. Haha, if copyright wasn't an issue, I could have the theme to pretty women as an intro.
  6. Ha well there is only so much I can do to improve my youtube face, I guess you could compare it to polishing a turd.
  7. Last year I had to unset the neck on one of my builds - the red one I recently finished (in it's earliest form). I had used the same glue to join the two body blanks together as I used for the fretboard and neck pocket, so the amount of water and heat required to unset the neck was also enough to cause failure in the body joint - I countered it with clamps, but the joint definitely suffered. So my rationale is that joint's that you don't want to fail, should have a higher resistance than joints you do want to fail. Definitely not an expert opinion but something I have experienced.
  8. I've used ply for templates before but not really got on with it, found it to splinter a fair bit, probably poor quality ply but the best my local timber yard or diy chain sells. It's the same with mdf, it's soft rubbish so without the glue layer, it will really only last a couple of builds. Interestingly, I got some MDF template from a chap called Bill Rae in the US (via luthiers club on facebook). The MDF he uses is hard, I've had a look on the internet but I've no idea what kind it is, certainly nothing that seems to be on sale in UK I say my music, it's my bands music. Frontman is also the bass player so vocals are very much a secondary thing. Both Ollie (Who I made the V for) and myself play through Krank 100w heads straight into Marshall 4x12s, with the occasional wah for leads. I think he did most of his recording with his gibbo black beauty, I recorded all mine on my PRS Mira Thanks for the feedback, I'll try and keep it as concise as poss in future, it's easy to waffle on and mumble. It's a strange experience essentially talking to yourself while working but having to do it in a way that the camera can hear you clearly. Anyway, I need to work on my presentation energy, maybe I need to do a line of orange Sherbet before pressing record.
  9. Titebond 2 for the headstock cap then Titebond original for the fretboard and neck pocket. Titebond 3 would be better for the cap or glueing tops to bodies, but I have a bottle of 2 so using that until it's empty.
  10. If you make your font size 10px in the body tag for say desktop, and use em everywhere else the em's are relative. e.g 1.2em would be 120% of the declared px size in your body and would give you 12px. That way you can use media queries to taylor the experience for difference devices, eg. on a small screen you could set set the body tag with font size 9px and then every other piece of text that uses em will become 10% smaller.
  11. That’s a very vague question, I suggest you break down what you’re trying to do into specific tasks and try google searches on those. Most good answers come from stack overflow but it’s best to go in via google for the most relevant answers.
  12. I remember someone asking about this on Amateur Luthier, I've never done it but I achieved a slimilar look on my first build by using neck wood offcuts as binding, if the joint under the binding is good then it will look like a recessed fretboard. probably quite difficult to route the perfect taper and recess.
  13. You might be right there Andy, It's difficult talking to a camera whilst trying to do something, I was also worrying about whether or not what I was filing was going to be mirrored, in fact the whole filming lark is a lot more difficult than I thought! Fortunately I did route in the correct direction. Maybe I need an auto queue I guess it will all get better with practice. I'll mention some more on safe routing when I cut the necks out. Again thanks for the feedback, glad it was easier to watch this time - learning a few little tricks like fading audio in, normalising levels etc is helping.
  14. Episode 3 done, didn't bother with camera 2 but @Urumiko's tip on audio normalisation has helped a lot, thanks bud
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