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  1. search for hard maple, there is plenty on ebay quite cheap, even cheaper if you're happy to join multiple pieces which I guess is fine if it's a painted gold top?
  2. That is precisely why the British government did not order a lockdown for quite a while, so many government back schemes will not payout unless it's on order and advisory is not good enough. That is also why there are so many Brits now stranded overseas - If they did not go, their insurance would not have paid out so they felt they had to go. Now the government is going to have to pay to repatriate all those people. Personally I think those people that went anyway are idiots, anyone who thinks they are going to get through this with £0 cost to them are also idiots, as are governments that sat with their thumbs up their arses when they had months to prepare for this shit storm.
  3. They won’t pursue him if he is also their customer. It’s the same in the U.K. if both parties are with the same insurer, they will make it play out so both parties lose their excess and no claims bonus because it reduces their cost. Motor insurance is the only industry I know of that is legally obliged to kick you when you’re dow.
  4. I’m all for being at home too, though the mrs and the 2 yr old are showing signs of cabin fever, we are not supposed to go out now as I am showing mild symptoms so we are supposed to self isolate for 14 days. Not that I did anything other than walk the dog up to now anyway.
  5. Any wood can be used as a body IMO but sycamore can be quite heavy worth roughing it out and weighing it before deciding whether not it needs to be hollowed out with a top on it
  6. You’re not wrong Andy, a preliminary scratch finding stain seams to be the norm for me, intentional or not because I’m shut at finding scratches. It’s all stained anyway, good weather over the last couple of days meant I could get the top sealed too as I’m using cellulose sealer. We are due cold spell now so hopefully after then I’ll be able to get some clearcoat over it
  7. That is how PRS grain fill their guitars according to the factory tours. Do a search on youtube for prs grain filler
  8. I dunno how it works for your lot, but in UK you can choose provider but energy is sold by tariff so you pay £x up until a given date then it goes on to some standard rate (usually more expensive) and you choose a new tariff, bit like mortgages and mobile (cell) phone bills. All that being said, with the cluster fuck of events currently happening, I wouldn't be changing anything that might result in a cockup causing a loss of utilities.
  9. You can do that or you can do your stain first, followed by a thin sealer coat, followed by a metalic grain filler which will get in the grain but you can wipe it off the rest with hessian
  10. Is there a build thread for the red one? It's a bloody nice looking axe There seems to be a lot of deliveries getting through, my titebond arrived today, thank heavens.
  11. Yeah I ordered some (amongst other things) on prime the day before lockdown so hopefully the parcel will get through. I sold a guitar and shipped it last weekend and that made it through yesterday so I'm hopeful.I even had some wood turn up from Maderas Barber that I ordered weeks ago to my surprise. Though that came from Spain so it's sat in the garage being quarantined.
  12. I've been cracking on with this one. Got some stain on, well I got purple on it about 3 time sand kept finding scratches. I went over it with the orbital sander from 60 grit up to 220, found loads of scratches, repeated about 3 times. This bit of work just seams to be really awkward to sand, just couldn't see these prior to staining. More missed scratches so lots of hand sanding too. Then finally I decided I was happy. God another load of purple on, sanded it back (again) with 320 just to know it back for another colour, then added rose Once that was dry, I started working on the faux binding. Still a fair bit of tidying up to do there, the f-hole is particularly tricky to sand. The weather seams to be on my side, it was 15º this evening and 40º humidity so I might at least be able to get this done and get it sealed tomorrow. Then it's on with the bass.
  13. Yes, all the time, but I'm down to my last half bottle of titebond
  14. My band did a google hangout + beer on sunday night instead of rehearsal. I recommend other people do it too. There is a building site directly behind me (small, 18 flats) even after the lockdown announced last night, they are still there. I overheard their head honcho this morning saying they will carry on until the UK government brings in measures to help self employed people. Which is unfortunate - > 10 builders all going up and down the same ladder, using the same porter toilet, so they're all infecting each other. There are several oldies on my street too at high risk from these idiots. People don't understand the definition of essential travel or essential work. I hear them complaining about rent, mortgage etc none of that stuff matters. Food/medicine in the cupboard is the only thing that matters.
  15. Britain is now on lockdown, only essential travel for food/medicine is permitted and key workers are allowed to travel to work. Up to 1 hour per day outdoor exercise while maintaining a 2m distance is allowed. Groups of no more than 2 people from different households may congregate (at 2m distance). All the self employed workers are kicking off about it, but I am quite relieved to be honest, perhaps I'll get some sleep tonight.
  16. If you've been stuck at home for 2 years, I think you will find it easier than most to stick around at home for another few months. I hear you've got some tidying to do anyway
  17. Yeah I doubt kids are immune/unaffected as politicians are telling us (I expect that's just to stop us going even more mental), but I expect they don't suffer with it as much because they haven't been dong bad things to their bodies for as long as the grown ups.
  18. There are those of us in the UK are hoping for a full lockdown/martial law and rationing. There are droves of idiots just hanging around in town centres doing fuck all but infecting each other, everyone else seems to be panic-buying everything they can find so there are no basic essentials for sane people that have genially run out. it's crazy. IMO both UK and USA governments have done too little too late to avoid total meltdowns in the their health systems. I hope you folks over the pond have plenty to keep you busy at home over the coming weeks #
  19. As long as you get the right readings when you test the pots with a multimeter, they are probably fine. But you won't find the problem until you isolate the problem, so start really simple - bridge pickup to volume, to jack. If that works then add a switch into the equation, repeat adding stuff until you have figured it out.
  20. Latest episode, a couple of sound issues on this one I'm afraid, it's all perfectly listenable but the voice recorder wasn't working the entire time
  21. Yeah thanks man, I'm not feeling too bad. could be just coincidental head-cold symptoms. No fever or persistent cough, my mum is the same. Hoping we've dodged it but continuing to be a recluse to be on the safe side.
  22. I disagree, I don't think a router is a particularly dangerous tool. My main router has a deadmans switch and it turns off as soon as you let go of it so it's really rather difficult to keep the thing switched on and put your other hand near the spinning bit. Tables on the other hand always have the bit spinning up, unguarded and needs to be manually switched off. I use my little trim router table for making control covers against templates but that is pretty much it, I'm terrified of them.
  23. Routing is a lot safer hand held than it is on a table - Your arms take the shock of the kickback so it's a lot easier to manage. My little triton router has so much clear plastic covering that the top of the router is pretty much sealed, so there is nowhere for projectiles to go other than down towards the ground up the dust shoot. I'm not saying I would route through a nail hole, I wouldn't, but I avoid router tables as much as I possible can
  24. you probably can't remember because there were so many grits 320 is plenty for lacquer
  25. You could very well be right, it is the time of year when colds and other viruses are going around anyway. Part of me hopes that is the case, the other part hopes it's a mild carona so my household is done with it. I wonder, could you just go and pick their computers up, fix them and drop them back rather than spend a lot of time at their place. It's difficult, my bands drummer is head of security at a nightclub that closed yesterday, he said he will be living off savings for the foreseeable. We've told the studio that we will not be attending rehearsal for at least the next few weeks, so people and business all over are going to be in trouble now. They announced yesterday that all businesses in the hospitality/catering etc industry will not pay any rates this year and that all business are eligible for guaranteed loans. But I would struggle to justify getting myself in an extra £50k debt to keep on a couple of employees that aren't doing anything. Supermarkets are doing well though
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