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  1. Yeah, that's less likely than running into Seymour as he is alive and moving about
  2. My wife actually got to know him pretty well as she went to see Brad Paisley not that long ago and sat next to him, We were hanging out with said friend that works at SD. Because Santa Barbara is such a small town, she now runs into him and chats with him Ironically, that happens with Brad Paisley around here too
  3. I live walking distance to Seymour Duncan and have a good friend that works there, so I have the pickups part of the program covered. The rest of it however....
  4. roger that - noted! If I can, I'd like to use as high quality components as I can afford. I've played for too many years to suffer crappy equipment....I dont think anyone here got into guitar building to say "boy do I love building shitty guitars....!"
  5. Eastern rout? and holy hell, that neck is only $70.... could it possibly be any good? Are any of these eBay necks and blanks any good?
  6. Thanks for the advice! I dont really have to have anything PRS, I just like the look of a carved, PRS style body. I think that would showcase the wood better as well. Maybe I can do a standard strat body template and modify it slightly to get the carved top....
  7. I would probably go this route for my first go around. I have two young kids, so as much as I want to do this entire thing on my own, I just dont have tons of free time lying around. Im going to be stretching it thin enough as it is.... I dont have to have the PRS style neck or not - I just like the look of the carved PRS body. I would be fine with a bolt on, strat style neck. That would even be preferable as I could easily swap the neck out if need be. Once I get more comfortable, I could go for a dedicated neck
  8. post #4 and we are already on to dad jokes I have a feeling that I'll fit right in, here!
  9. Im not used to men commenting on or admiring my wood but I have the feeling that's not the first time that's happened on this forum and thanks for the welcome!
  10. I have been lurking around here for a while, marveling at the REALLY cool stuff that many of you make. Ever since I started playing 25 or so years ago, I have always daydreamed about building my own guitar. My first guitar is a Mexican Strat that I still have and love. I tend to prefer Les Pauls and still own three (71 Custom '54 Reissue, 83 Standard Tobacco, 96 DC AAA) I have an uncle that lives in North Carolina that makes furniture and he has a warehouse of wood in storage. When I got married, he build my wife and I a pie cabinet out of Black Walnut. It's so beautiful, I asked him if he had any scrap lying around that he could send me that I could use to build a guitar body. A few months later I got this in the mail... Im terrified to mess up this blank! I guess I'm mostly terrified to mess up the neck joint as my plan is to bolt up a strat neck to it and I want it to be right. I dont really care what the shape is, just as long as the neck fits properly. My goal is a carved, PRS style body with Humbucker, Single Single or Dual Humbucker.... not sure yet. I do need advice as to how I should go about this as this is my very first attempt building a guitar and I REALLY dont want to mess up the work my uncle put into this! Thank you!
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