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    Festool ETS EC 125/3 EQ-Plus Random Orbit Sander

    Thank you so much for this sander review. Today I sanded a shellaced test board with my Porter-Cable 330 sander and saw that some of the shellac residue embedded itself in the veneer pores. I always use my air compressor to blow off sanded surfaces, but in this case the shellac residue could not be blown out of the crevices. This may be the result of the heat generated during the sanding process. This residue may dissolve with the next coat of shellac, but I'm not certain. I will know more soon enough. Point being that perhaps the Festool sander would have eliminated this because it removes the residue as opposed to my P-C sander which does not. I will order this sander today. Thank again for posting this detailed review. Best, Phillip Anthony