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  1. So. The "project" is done (for now). Thanks to curtisa i inverted the humbucker output wiring and now It works, the output goes in a balance pot, then to ptb pots and to a volume pot. I added a second jack out so i can have a "monitor" line and a "out" line with a mute switch. That's all for now... Except that i just added a step-up 5v to 12v DC module to my Vox Da5 and now It works powered by a 5v 15k mA/h 55.5 W/h phone powebank
  2. thanks again! i just tried to invert the humbucker wiring and it works! i assumed that the "outside" wires are the "+"s anche the "inside" wires the "-", but using one outside and one inside as "+" the drone volume pot works a lot better wait. i just learned that a under-saddle pickup can be cut. is it true? maybe i'll try two flexible under-saddle pickups under a two-pieces saddle...
  3. thank you. this couple of photos may help you understand my level of madness the strings groups are as far from each other as the humbucker body allows, but the fretboard is slighter larger with some more space for the strings on both sides actually you'll be right about phase cancellation, since i tried only one "+" wire from every coil anyway, all that needs to understand if and how the idea of two channels works, the next step is build (or find somewhere) some small single coils for melody strings and drones a friend on mine in germany makes his own coils for his electroacoustic hurdy gurdy, i'll do something similar, this humbucker works well enough to find how to play the dulcimer with this strings scheme and some electronics, once i figured out every ascpect of the matter i'll make the next step regarding the under-saddle piezo, i thought somethink like what you said: cut the saddle and (somehow) put one piezo under the melody half-saddle and another under the drones, but the luthier that helped me in those "upgrades" told me that one can't cut an under-saddle piezo to a desired lenght... is that true?
  4. so...a little problem, here. so, a little problem here: vb pot affects both b and c volumes. between vb and vb there are two other pots (high and low tones controls), then vm, the switch and the jack. all works fine, but while the vm volume works as expected the vb acts weird: full down (so to speak) it's almost ball, then suddendly is something like 50/50, then at full up is almost all c. maybe a diode between vb out and c can help?
  5. Follow-up: found on the net the PTB schematics... I think mine will be the only dulcimer with a PTB in the world
  6. thank you but i made it that way only because it's easier to draw just to be clear, since i'm newbie at this, the "arrow" is the center pin, right? any advise about the pot values? and: the humbucker tone is a little "darker" than the natural tone of the dulcimer and i saw somewhere that the usual tone pot design (250k pot and .022 or .015 cap) cuts high frequecies. is it possible to cut the low frequencies instead? thanks again!
  7. hi! i'm new here. i'm pretty good at soldering, i've already made some little things (for example an earbud amp), but now i need help even if i'm sure it's a silly question... briefly, i have a heavily modified dulcimer, with 6 strings: 2 for the melody and 4 drones, i use a slim archtop humbucker turned 90° so one coil picks the two melody strings and the other the drones, i need a volume control for the drones only i simply put a volume pot to the drones coil out and soldered the pot out to the jack together with the melody strings coil out, it doesn't work if i use the pot to "mix" the two coils it works but obviously the volumes are all wrong i know it's probably a silly error somewhere but i can't understand what's wrong and where... sorry thank you all so much!
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