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  1. TreasureState

    Manny DeLuna and the dark side of the moon.

    Wow, I am in awe as I do not have the talent to do that sort of artistic work. I can envision things with straight lines lurking inside of a pile of wood, but nothing that ornately detailed. Great skill there, Mr. ScottR!
  2. TreasureState

    April 2019

    I can see my reflection from here in that glossy shine - nice build! If there was a demo video, I must have missed it, but the guitar looks amazing.
  3. TreasureState

    Router Basics: Guide Bushings

    I love these write ups, thanks for posting these time and frustration savers in the shop!
  4. TreasureState

    Setting Up and Using the G&W Fret Miter Box

    Great article. If someone wanted to have a go at a DIY solution, here is one method for doing a shop made variation at home:
  5. +1 for Ace Hardware. Our store here in Helena, MT is known for stocking all of those hard to find bits.
  6. Another great tutorial, thank you!
  7. TreasureState

    Router Basics: Simple Soapbar Pickup Routing

    I am really getting a lot out of these how-to write ups. Thank you for taking the time to document them here!
  8. TreasureState

    10-Step Electric Guitar Neck

    Thank you to all of the people with the experience who take the time to post these tutorials for us n00b's.