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  1. i'd like to see the Madeline and pennant fleshed out
  2. I checked, and it thinks i did a lot of cycling... lol
  3. Do you ever feel like it's a constant battle to get stuff Square
  4. It was because I switched my camera from recording at 60 fps to 25 fps. Less frames to process means less heat. I'd been watching USA based electronics videos so long id convinced myself electricity in the UK runs at 60hz, and id been running my camera at 60fps to avoid strobing from the strip lighting. However im an idiot and it runs at 50hz. WHich is why i was still having issues with strobing too. I'm now running at 25fps which divides in to 50 ok. so no issues
  5. I started carving my first neck pocket. I'm curious, does anyone just use a forstner bit and chisels to do theirs? I found refining the pocket by hand quite theraputic.
  6. Its a common issue on most of the Sony stills cameras. If you try and run them at the absolute maximum quality they overheat after a while. They are not really designed to be used as video cameras for extended periods. 1080p at 60fps is the absolute maximum that camera can handle. It never used to do it but I used to film at a lower frame rate. I'm switching back to a lower frame rate going forward so it shouldn't be an issue.
  7. Haha great minds really do think alike @Bizman62 @ADFinlayson suggested the board to me while i was contemplating it. I though of that exact thing (adding the handle) and suggested it back to him as he was doing it in one of his.. You are right. I was aware at the time but there wasn't really a gap to speak of so i figured it wasn't necessary. I think i said in the video (maybe not) that i ran out of clamps. I was struggling in other areas so used the clamp there... I could have re arranged them a bit but there was no gap so i figured id be ok. Thanks for your compliments about the sound. I think i will have the video fixed for next time. Ive been a damn fool. Been watching American vids on electronics that long i completely forgot uk AC runs at 50hz not 60.
  8. Latest epp is up: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jHTjAdVxqZ
  9. It was less the paint i was worried about and more the holes n saw marks.. lots of "oops i appear to be sawing through my bench"
  10. HI all, So im currently kitting out a new workspace (yay). So far I built an oversize side bench for doing my electronics/setups etc on. Next i want to turn my attention to this old work bench top i was given. I'd like to make use of it as my main bench for carving etc. As you can see its really pitted and battle scarred. I was wondering if/how I should spruce it up. It doesn't seem to contain any nails or anything like that but it's far from a smooth surface. I was considering resurfacing it somehow. Perhaps screwing on some MDF, or drowning it in some kind of filler, or making a routing jig to skim it with. Ideas?
  11. Personally I find the blackstar HT5r the most versatile. Its a good clean amp, with handy dandy features like a usable line out/in. Theres a lot to be said for having a pedalboard solution like the two notes le clean, and just plugging in to the desk in open mic type situations.
  12. Hey all, Not got round to ash's latest vid yet as im playing catchup on my watch list. If it helps at all, I used to normalise the vocals which took them down to a pretty low volume. I was then gain staging them with compressor plugins .. Waves L2 etc.. I'd then have a limiter on the master track set at 3db short of maximum. Now i find I have the internal limiting set on my Zoom recorder, and i run it near max gain, so that tends to compress the vocals to about where they need to be anyway without needing further processing, I do apply the "podcast voice" eq still but i'm considering stopping that as it can sound too boomey on some playback devices. I think the key still is though that i use one of the waves maximiser plugins to limit near max vol, push the vocals till its lightly kissing them. Then set the music volume by ear.
  13. Latest video is up. Warning.... contains scenes of shocking use of a pillar drill... LOL. I def think i'll use the method @Bizman62 suggested or similar for thicknessing the top next time as its proving tricky. I think im getting to the point where im ready to accept imperfaction and move on though
  14. I really look forward to seeing this one finished... I sense a GOTM inbound.
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