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  1. Personally I find the blackstar HT5r the most versatile. Its a good clean amp, with handy dandy features like a usable line out/in. Theres a lot to be said for having a pedalboard solution like the two notes le clean, and just plugging in to the desk in open mic type situations.
  2. Hey all, Not got round to ash's latest vid yet as im playing catchup on my watch list. If it helps at all, I used to normalise the vocals which took them down to a pretty low volume. I was then gain staging them with compressor plugins .. Waves L2 etc.. I'd then have a limiter on the master track set at 3db short of maximum. Now i find I have the internal limiting set on my Zoom recorder, and i run it near max gain, so that tends to compress the vocals to about where they need to be anyway without needing further processing, I do apply the "podcast voice" eq still but i'm considering stopping that as it can sound too boomey on some playback devices. I think the key still is though that i use one of the waves maximiser plugins to limit near max vol, push the vocals till its lightly kissing them. Then set the music volume by ear.
  3. Latest video is up. Warning.... contains scenes of shocking use of a pillar drill... LOL. I def think i'll use the method @Bizman62 suggested or similar for thicknessing the top next time as its proving tricky. I think im getting to the point where im ready to accept imperfaction and move on though
  4. I really look forward to seeing this one finished... I sense a GOTM inbound.
  5. Also a handy tip thank you. MS Paint lol.
  6. Thank You @Bizman62 I must Admit I'm finding the low viewer numbers a little disheartening for all the effort it takes to edit these videos, but your comments made me smile. It's nice to know I made someone laugh so thank you. I shall try and keep the humour going. Especially for the longer videos. Just a random thought, If you like that kind of humour and you like old car restoration, you may enjoy the channel "Bad obsession Motorsport" on Youtube. As for you Carving Idea.... That's genius, I didn't think of that! By tattooed bloke do you mean @ADFinlayson ? Ash already suggested I should thin down the edge of the holes as much as possible given my slip-up. This cements further in my mind how I should approach it
  7. OK. I won't Lie.... I crack myself up lol. Things are getting interesting now..
  8. My next do i/ dont i, is whether to carve or route for pickups first.
  9. Thank you, I worry my lack of experience and sedate style might put people off but i have a few regular viewers so i'm happy.. As for the carving I intend to use a grinder with a flapper, and you might be right. I think keeping a curve continuous over the holes may be tricky. I might put the offcuts back in the holes while carving?
  10. Latest vid is up. Still wrestling with exposure settings a bit but i felt like the vid was decent quality this time out ^_^.
  11. Looking good mate. I'm jealous of your multicam setup. You already have more subs than me... damn you
  12. Well.. i took the plunge. And rough cut the holes.. started filing one of them. Camera angle etc makes them look uneaven but they are not
  13. Latest vid is up. Could do with some feedback on layout before i commit.
  14. Hey bud. What editing software are you using? Lighting looks fine to me, i agree sticking to tripod over freehand is better. Audio wasn't a problem for me but the noise difference when the music kicked in gave me a fright.. meant to ask what the music was. I normally normalise all the sound to the same volume, adjust the volume manually then add in a leveling compressor on the master channel. Switching to premiere over the free stuff sped things up a lot.
  15. Yes, Sharp gouges and scrapers seem most satisfying, I would imagine thumb planes are too. i do think dremels they have their place though when doing intricate 3D carving. I think you said you got your gouges indevidually off e-bay? Any input on scrapers? I dont have any yet.
  16. Cheers both. Yes I have a toolstation and screwfix new me to they tend to be my first port of call. I may well get some of those needle files, I think they might actually be better for getting right in to the corners on fret jobs anyway vs the flat edged fretting files ive been using. You know it never occured to me that in the absence of a scroll saw i could just use the manual equivalent, although if i was going to do it direct on the body as opposed to a template it would have to be a ruddy big saw. In my head the desired aproach would be to opt for setting the routing table up as a kind of spindle sander and mill out the shape that way. Although i must admit finding the right bits for my router or dremel is a pain. I noted in the current crimson "90h build" he's using a proxon to carve. This is very much what i wanted to do when tidying up the inside of my body and on future projects, but i found that the grinding bits i had clogged up instantly. Rotary burr bits exist, but he seems to use bits that look like grinding bits that dont clog... what gives?
  17. Fair enough.. Yes ive got a G&W one in the post but im not sure i'd use it. and I think i prefer the round ended holes you suggest. I was just nervous about being able to get clean lines. I dont have much to work with file wise. I can see how gouges might work.
  18. What tools did you guys use for cuting?
  19. Anyone Know where i can source Gibson style F hole templates in the uk? the only ones i can find are GW thinline acrylic templates. If anyone out there is C&C happy and could print out a couple of diferent sizes for me, feel free to get in touch?
  20. Check this out though... My stepfather (whos shed i currently use). Has a garage/glorified barn that he rents to work on his cars. Hes downscaling a bit so is keen to let me set up in there with him. Won't be for a while yet but when that comes about I'll be able to set up some decent bench space, probably build an extended table to sit the router and table saw in etc. Get all my tools set out. Dust extraction... etc etc.. lovely... Its probably a bit damp for wood storage but otherwise pretty awesome. I'm very lucky. Baby steps fo rnow though
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