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  1. Wow! Looks like you've been drawing and painting a little more than an average builder! Excellent job! The colourful pickguard with circles drawn around the knobs looked good on the painting. It also looked like you liked it too as it spent more time there than the others.
  2. A hangover? Don't do anything delicate with trembling hands! Playing mandolin is acceptable.
  3. Disambiguation might be needed here... I know it means fungus of sorts. It could also be an indoors space full of mush or for making mush, maybe even a room being mushy? It could, in theory, also be an indoors space for mushing. That would require quite a big room, though.
  4. I've found that essential between woods that are of the same colour or value. Low or no contrast where there's a change is just two pieces of wood stuck together. A contrasting line makes the change look like planned, something that a great mind has thoroughly pondered upon.
  5. LOL, according to one source he was measured an inch shorter in the Army than what his current health report says.
  6. How tall is an average American? Mr. Carrotface is 190 cm/6 ft 2.76 in/18.7 hands or so depending on the source. That's about half a foot taller than an average Non-Hispanic white male American.
  7. A single edge razor blade works well between frets used as a delicate scraper. It may not be the best option for a lacquered fretboard, though.
  8. Take an issue and enhance it to a feature, that's the way a true builder does it!
  9. That rises a question: It's a common belief that urine is sterile or antibacterial. So should you wash your hands after peeing? Further, should you even wash your hands under the golden shower?
  10. What @ScottR said. There's only one crucial measurement in a guitar for it to work and that is the double length from the nut to the 12th fret, also known as the scale length. Anything else serves other purposes like tuning, amplifying, ergonomics and aesthetics. The image below shows that math. Obviously you'd have to add tuners at either end but the rest is up to your imagination. Be it an oil can, a star, flower, rifle... As long as the 12th fret is in the middle of the scale it's a working guitar.
  11. Another tip: When drilling and screwing into delicate objects like the horn, apply pressure to the sides. Clamps, rope or tape, whatever to prevent the wood from splitting during drilling and screwing.
  12. That's great news! A longer screw with a loose enough pilot hole might help strengthening the horn enough. I was also thinking about a long threaded insert but that would require drilling even more wood away. 4 mm may be the thickest you can run through the strap button, in that thickness the longest available flat/dome cap screws are at least 60 mm long.
  13. How come we've fallen off the rails again? Weren't we talking about how your wood isn't stiff enough and how it could be improved with rods?
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