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  1. Yeah, I'm going to learn a lot by doing this. Looks like I'm getting my hands on a bass with a broken neck that looks like a much easier fix so I'll start with that one for practice. Ordering some tools and supplies from amazon today so I'll keep everyone in the loop on how they go.
  2. Looks like I need some new tools. I'm grateful for everyone's help. It would have been a drag to start the project only to find the nut won't hold on how little is left. I'll keep ya in the loop as I go.
  3. I appreciate the help. Here are some photos.
  4. The headstock is no more. Twas not supplied when I acquired it. I'll have to check if there's enough left to hold the locking nut. Another excellent point. Twil investigate.
  5. That's a pretty good point. Not sure if my insurance would cover that. Have to ponder that one. If it turns out you saved my life, I definitely owe you at least a beer.
  6. Hi folks, I'm new here starting out my first project and hoping for some feedback. I have an Epiphone SG-Special and the neck broke. No one will be shocked. What I'm thinking is to make a variation on that headless SG that was floating around a while back. My plan is this: - Use a locking nut (don't know which to get. Don't have a big budget on this) - Rout out an area on the bottom of the guitar where the new hole will basically have one area around the edge which is a bit deeper than the center. On this middle area, I'll mount the tuners through new drilled holes, with the pegs sticking out into the moat so there is room to twist em. I know I haven't done the math yet on the exact depth of the routed area or the peg locations (I staggered them in the concept design like a PRS so I can keep the strings as straight as possible) but is this workable or am I mad?
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