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  1. Update: got the neck pocket routed along with the neck pickup. Need to work on how the neck sits in the pocket but nothing major. I plan on setting the bridge soon to determine string height and neck angle to make sure my action is reasonable. I need to route out the bridge pickup along with the electronics cavity. I ordered my sanding block for the neck and got the truss rod installed and fretboard glued on. Truss rod access hole has been been completed as well.
  2. Yes 10" lol but I was just looking at that video on youtube cutting out the multiple block and gluing them together. Once I get the fretboard cut our and glued on I will decide which option to go with. I do have a jointer that should fit the width of the neck to level it prior to putting the fret board on but want to make sure I don't take to much off. Going to try to complete this tonight and start setting up the jig for the truss rod along with cutting the fretboard piece out.
  3. Yeah I am looking to do a 10' radius on the fret board for this build. I have looked at the amazon sanding blocks and they are not bad, but I will look into the PVC for another option. Thanks!
  4. Update: got my neck designed and cut out along with some of the parts, still need to get some pots and input jack. I am pretty happy with the neck but it is not quite level, I think I wasn’t perfectly level when using the bandsaw so I need to figure out how to plane the top minimally to level out. I think I can be more precise with the fretboard too if needed. I plan on just using some left over maple for the fretboard. Going to try and get a jig setup to route the truss rod.
  5. Update: Finally got my maple top book matched, joined and glued to my mahogany piece. I also cut out the rough shape of the guitar. Starting to finally look like something. Now I need to start my neck build which I have been putting off.
  6. Thanks for all the information. I am going to get a sharpening block today and try to work on the planers. Regarding my current tool set up I am actually working with some decent stuff. I inherited a Shopsmith that includes a 3" jointer, band saw, table saw, drill press, lathe, over table router. I also got a plunge router from a garage sale for cheap. I have also picked out some hardware (bridge, pickups, etc) off amazon to finalize the template with exact measurements. I took my epiphone les paul and traced the back half of the body and free-handed the front portion. Still confused on the electrical setup (pots, bridge grounding, pickup connections) but going to go to youtube university this evening and hopefully get a better understanding. Hopefully will have some updated pics after this rainy weekend of a rough cut out of the body.
  7. So my wood planes are definitely old and not working properly and don’t have a belt sanding so currently using 60 grit paper to try and smooth out the top surface. Going to look for my maple tip tomorrow and work on the body design. Question- What hardware is required/recommended prior to the cutting of the body?
  8. Yeah I guess I could. most of the section would be routed out with the pickups probably. I knew I joined this forum for a reason. When my mind get clogged with sawdust I just need a little common sense advice. Also update on planers, they are ancient, dull and chipped so going to start looking for some newer ones
  9. Photo of the body being glued together. My joint looked good to start but now I notice a small gap in the middle on the back. I need to plane off a good bit so hoping that will seal up.
  10. Hello everyone! Just joined the forum and starting my first ever guitar build. Probably getting in over my head but plan on learning a lot in this process. I recently purchased 8/4 4’ mahogany board and finished the joining to form the body. Currently working on the drawing and determining what parts (bridge, pickups, etc) I want to purchase. I just inherited a Shopsmith from my father along with some older wood working tools that I will Ben using to work on the guitar. I am planning on applying a maple top and a solid mahogany neck to the guitar with an ebony fret board. Any advice or feedback is always appreciated.
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