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  1. I just started inlay not too long ago, I've been doing pretty good... but when I route into the wood so it will accept the inlay I am finding it difficult not to have any gaps here and there. Is there a trick to doing it? I'm using a dremel with the correct down cutting bit & the precision router base from Stew Mac. I have been inlaying MoP and Abalone Shell mostly. The method I use right now is after I cut out the piece, I set it on the wood and scribe around it with an exact knife showing the edges. Then I route away the wood inside those lines. But then to get it to fit, I have to make the route slightly larger here and there and I usually end up making gaps here and there. Thanks in advance-
  2. Great news! We just recorded the guitar last night and should have some samples up after the mastering and editing is done sometime next week!
  3. Thanks for the compliment! Yes, you're correct. It was a two man build. I'm his brother. Thanks again, peace out.
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