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  1. Maybe it is because I do build my own - though I won't put myself in the same category of most of you guys - in terms of quality or quantity. It is strictly a hobby. To the point of having a manager, agent, whatever you may call them, the only downside I see is that, for me anyway, I would want to talk to the person who is going to being the buid, look at and feel the wood and pretend that I know something about the work involved. I have no idea if there are enough people out there who feel the same way to the point that it would make a difference in the big picture or not. The deal with your roommate sounds like a no brainer, exposure at shows can open the doors and get your name and your work out there. Here is a hint, in my working life, I worked for the Yellow Pages and got stuck working a trade show for plumbing contractors - some seriously big money people were there. We had some kind of $.99 giveaway, I don't even remember what it was and we had people lined up to get one. Thr something like a ping pong ball drawing - if they get the "magic ball" they win a set of strings, if not they win a couple of picks. These guys just thought it was great. And spend a few bucks and get your name and logo printed on the picks. Name recognition.
  2. Mikro, thanks for the advice on the blade size for re-sawing. I don't do a lot of it, but when I first got mine, I cut a piece of mahogany about 5 inches high with a 1/4" blade and it came out just about perfect. Here is a good way to buy one - have a wife with a craft business who met a guy who said he had a bunch of wood for sale as he was leaving the woodworking business. When I went to see it, he had a JET 14" with the riser for $175. I had a Craftsman Professional 14" before and there is no comparison.
  3. Bob, thanks, I haven't heard of that. I will give it a try.
  4. sd, thanks, I hadn't heard that. Have you ever tried the Optima water based stuff? I've done a couple of guitars with it and I like using it a lot. I have given the guitars away, so I don't know how it holds up, but it doesn't try to kill you like Nitro. Thanks. You are in San Diego? We lived in Orange County until 2005 and moved to Oregon. San Diego is great. I worked for Pacific Bell and had an assignment thet kept me in an apartment in Ocean Beach for 6 months through the summer. I worked in several places that were not that nice. Thanks for your help, I'm just kind of getting back into this silly hobby after 13 operations in the last 6 years. Is Drak still around? He was helpful to me, and there was a guy who, I believe, went by Danno G. who lives up here and we have met up several times over the years. Some good guys here as I recall.
  5. Thank you guys, I appreciate the help. Ripthorn, I never even stopped to think that there were both Nitro and Acryli lacquers. I sort of figured that lacquer is lacquer, Live and learn. sdshirtman, why do you uggest staying away from Deft? I''m not questioning your advice, just wondering what kind of problems it creates. Thanks again, I have been away from this for 3 or 4 years and I wasn't all that great at finishing back then.
  6. I haven't been around here for a long time. I haven't been building much and i had forgotten how much good information there was here. Here is my question: I'm finishing a neck to be painted black. Anyway, I want to make sure I am not going to run into compatibility issues by using Deft's Lacquer Sanding Sealer underneath an automotive lacquer paint. Should this be an issue? And if this works OK, would I be OK using Deft's clear lacquer as a clear coat, use the automotive lacquer clear coat or leave the paint alone? Any advice would be gratefully appreciated. Thanks. BTW, I really like the new design, very modern looking and easy to use, nice work.
  7. You will probably want to talk to Marc. He is a builder, knows his stuff and has always been a help to me.
  8. Rich, what a nice set-up. Between talking to you and Dan outside the guitar show and your posts, you're wetting my interest in building an acoustic. It might be a while yet, my arm is improving and I *may* not have to have my shoulder replaced, but I now need both knees replaced. Don't get old! Let me know when you get down this way. BTW, the lab puppy is still an absolute psycho. But too cute to stay pissed off at. Marty
  9. I used a $15 Harbor Freight one with their sanding disks. Worked great.
  10. I had this one saved - looks pretty good. FRETS.Com
  11. I have modified the "measure twice, cut once" to "measure about 27 times, go take a nap, come back and measure a bunch more times. Listen to what Drak says, he was a big help to me on one of my first projects. Remember, on a solid body, if your neck rout, bridge and pups are properly aligned, nothing else is really critical.
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