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  1. Hey everyone! So for my next build I'm planning on doing an inlay just behind the stop tail piece. I've been looking up ways to cut a channel in the wood so I can fill it with inlay material but there a bunch of ways it could work. Does anyone know the best way to inlay on mahogany? I can't post a pic of my design right now but it consists of a couple long, narrow (quarter inch) channels running from the bottom of the body to just short of the tailpiece. I'm having trouble with is figuring out what I'm gonna use to cut the channels into the wood.
  2. So I was looking at some possible trems I would like to fit onto a new project I'm planning and I came across this MosLike Trem bar: https://reverb.com/item/7532820-moslike-vibrato-with-mosrite-spec-bridge-tremolo-sb?gclid=EAIaIQobChMI37aUm_rW5AIVx8DACh2mdgsPEAQYBCABEgKPuvD_BwE&gclsrc=aw.ds&merchant_id=102824734&pla=1&utm_campaign=2068628530&utm_medium=cpc&utm_source=google Does anyone have any experience with these? Right now I am either considering this or the Duesenberg Les Trem. This trem is a little cheaper than the Les Trem, easier to get (I don't have to pay for international shipping), and it includes a roller bridge which is something that i would have to buy seperately with the Les Trem.
  3. Hey all, sorry I haven't been more active in the forums lately. College just started for me so I've been saddled with a whole bunch of work lately. Anyway I've been curious, I have a mahogany top acoustic guitar that has this shimmer in the wood grain especially in the light. Does anyone know how to get that shimmer? Does anyone know what I'm talking about or am I just crazy?
  4. So I'm planning on painting the top of my next guitar kit and staining the sides and back (like a gold top Les Paul). I want to order the kit with an unbound body so the lighter colored maple top will give a fake binding look to the sides. Do y'all have any tips for how to tape the sides off? Is there a better alternative than tape? I'll need a reasonably good seal since any runoffs could ruin my plans.
  5. Nice lol! So once I work out where to place the jack and the angles to drill at I was planning on starting with a jack-socket sized drill hole straight down. There should be plenty of room to drill down, those mono jacks aren't too deep. Then hopefully my spatial reasoning and measurements are good because then I'm gonna drill another hole from the cavity to the hole... ...At least that's ideal
  6. The Jem seems interesting but how do you set the guitar down if its plugged in? The guitar will rest on the cable if you set it down. Thinking about it more I like the idea of putting one of these Electrosocket tele cups and installing it to the front: https://www.stewmac.com/Hardware_and_Parts/Jack_Plates/Electrosocket_Jack_Mount.html It's a support for the output jack and I could even flush mount if I want to.
  7. So I built the SG from a kit which I chose because the jack placement on the guitar doesn't interfere with my playing style. I've been attracted to a Les Paul style kit and now that I've gotten my feet wet with precision drilling I want to build kits and mod them to my playing style rather than having to mod my playing style around them. That looks interesting, especially in the image. I was thinking drilling between the two tone pickups and placing my jack just aft of them. I'm still interested in drilling the jack hole through the control cavity plate. I don't have to drill though the wood and at least for right now I'm not planning on doing too much gigging.
  8. It's not exactly classical, I prop the guitars lower bout on my lap, it brings the neck up so my wrist is straight. So yeah, on most guitars the jack is right where my knee rests. I just had an idea: what if I drilled out the control cavity cover and mounted the jack there? I have a Les Paul Style guitar and if I were to drill the hole just off center and back.
  9. Actually, now that I think about it I really just need the jack out of the way. I could move the jack further back or even onto the back of the guitar. I could only use 90 degree plugs if I drill it onto the back but I like those plugs anyway. IMO though an SG style output jack would look kind of like a solidbody ES. I'm not a fan of Strat jacks either, I just like a small hole on the front.
  10. Thanks I didn't think about doing this!
  11. Hey everyone, So having just completed my SG kit for the most part I've decided that I want to build a Les Paul Kit for my next build. The only problem is that I'm not a fan of the input jack being on the side and want to relocate it to the top. The thing I'm worried about is that since I want to stain the guitar I don't know how visible the difference between the body and plug would be. On top of this no custom kit maker can make a body with this mod, I'm admittedly a little off put about that.... Does anyone have any tips for plugging holes? I was thinking of either drilling the new hole with some kind of bit that leaves a core that I can just glue in, or finding a mahogany wood dowel and cutting that down to fit.
  12. * Looking back at both the coffee shop website and my memory. they actually have a PA system and several mics. So I guess amp output wont be a problem. * It'll most likely be just a duo. The event is widely advertised so people go to the shop specifically to see the acts. * The acts are on the floor with the patrons and there is a nicely sized but still limited space for acts. * Now this I'm not too sure about. There is a start and end time for the open mic night but even then with just a guitar and an amp it will take seconds unless I get a double 4X12 stack and head. * Transportation to the shop isn't a problem, it's more storage. I am thinking about a small amp because i live in the dorms at school so there isn't a lot of room. At the same time though I want an amp that can be used at a similar sized gig unplugged, That's why I'm shooting between 15-50W. I heard that most early rock bands got away with even less wattage at similar sized gigs. Those look nice but it seems a little small. Does Blackstar sell a similar amp with more wattage?
  13. Hey all so now that I've completed my guitar I'm on the search for an amplifier (insert cart before horse jokes here). Anyway I have a friend that is interested in writing songs, she likes karaoke, and there's an open mic night near my college at a coffeehouse every month. Having just put two and two together I realize that any amp I buy might need to be ready for small gigs. Just for visualization the coffee shop in question is a heavily renovated old car shop that still has the brick walls and bare ceilings. That said, when there isn't an open mic night it has those small Bose speaker sets which provides a fair amount of volume and they definitely aren't dimed. I have been considering a Fender Champion 20 amp because it's not too expensive but it seems pretty good despite the price. Does anyone have experience with this amp or another smallish amp for gigging? Does anyone think this is a powerful enough amp to get the job done?
  14. I haven't checked yet. The Titebond needs at least 24 hours for stressed joints to cure, and with that SG neckdive you know I'm gonna keep it on for that long. It would make sense for the pocket to be slightly larger at the top since the neck slides in. That said, It's tight enough to be tricky to get the neck in, has to be absolutely straight. Anyway I'll be able to check the strength of the joint late tonight! I might force some more glue in those spaces later but hopefully that'll just be cosmetic
  15. That would make sense here you go. They're admittedly small but I just want to make sure it doesn't mean something more major is going in below what I can see:
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