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  1. Greetings, I acquired this peculiar guitar about two year ago from a local luthier in South Florida. The guitar has two single coil pickups and a humbucker. What's strange about this guitar is that it has 6 individual bypass switches (or maybe killswitches?). Please excuse me if I am incorrect, I am not entirely a novice to guitars but I may not be aware of all the terms for these parts. The neck is a Fender stratocaster's neck with fender tuners, however there is no serial number/model found anywhere on the instrument. I do not believe this is a legitimate Fender creation, however I believe this guitar may have had it's neck replaced with an authentic one or a convincing knock off. The luthier I acquired this guitar from told me that he believes it is a custom made guitar and has electronics that connect from the 6 switches to the potentiometers and pickups that he hasn't seen himself before. I have tried to do research on any guitar similar to this that may have the same 6 switch configuration, but I have not found one yet, either manufactured or custom made/DIY. The cool thing about this guitar is that the sound is very versatile between toggling the switches into different positions. It can go from very bright and glassy to very dirty, resonant and warm toned. The sad part is that the wiring on the guitar may be either very old or poorly done because the sound may cut out or lower in volume drastically. I have taken it back to the luthier several times for a repair, and even a pickup replacement, however the guitar always eventually has the same issue rise again. What are your thoughts on this guitar? Have you seen one like this before? What do you think it is worth?
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