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  1. Thank you folks for all the info! Ron - That "stuff" is incredible. Such a valuable resource. Thank you for being so generous.
  2. In a way I'm glad that it is not just me that is left head scratching! Cool video for some detailed info but I will start out on paper. Found a chap called Mark Bailey who does online courses. I think that might be a better starting point for me. Thanks for the reply Curtisa ☺
  3. Hello, I'm new to the forum so still scoping things out. I believe this post is in the correct section. Searching through youtube for instructions on how to draw up my own guitar plans to make my own template. I found this guy who appears to know the score so I set about gathering up a few things to get me started and began learning along with this video. I noticed that every other video has the builder drawing their plans onto paper first, however, this particular guy does his on direct onto MDF. I started doing the same. I got as far as drawing out the centre line, nut, bridge for scale length and began marking up the frets... then it dawned on me... OK, it's vital to have a full scale drawing but why does he choose to put this on MDF instead of paper? Why go into so much precise detail like marking out the frets on MDF when he is going to use the outside dims only for the template? Close to the end of the video he pulls out another neck template without any fret markings (so why do it in the first place? Also, when he's cutting out his neck drawing to make a template I'm thinking that he'll end up cutting into the template intended for the body (or vice versa?) therby making the template inaccurate. I feel I'm just not getting it. I realise I could just start over and draw on paper then transfer my neck/body drawing onto MDF but it's bugging me more than it should that he draws a complete guitar on MDF first. I'm not sure what I'm missing. Thanks all Gary
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