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  1. Loved those staining and oil finishing youtube videos so much so decided to merge and upload the videos I recorded during my finishing process. The session where I was doing the bursting was so long that my phone battery ran out of juice and I lost the whole video. But here is the rest of them.
  2. Body finish has now been curing about 2 weeks now. Ended up putting total of 6 coats. It is curing nicely but still some thinner fumes coming out. But not so much anymore. I have to smell really close to get any. While body curing I have been sanding and finishing pickup rings and back plate. Messing with epoxy to get a smooth and durable surface. Trial and error. Just ordered a small batch of Carnauba wax, Beeswax and fractionated Coconut Oil. Going to do my own mix and try that after all is done.
  3. I am going to try to do a Carnauba wax, Beeswax and fractionated Coconut Oil mix of my own.
  4. This from Fishman: Pin 1 – “Voice-2” Select – This contact selects Voice-2 when connected to ground via switch. If open (not connected) the pickup defaults to Voice-1. This is a control pin only, so there is no signal present. Therefore, it can be combined with Voice-2 control pins from multiple Fluence pickups on the same switch contact if need be without interaction. (This can help simplify switch requirements in some cases.) Pin 2 –“SCO” and “NCO” – These stand for “South Coil Out” for the Bridge pickup and North Coil Out” for the Neck. These are used on Tosin’s switch position-2 to connect the inner coils together while feeding the signal through the Bridge pickup in Voice-3 Single Coil mode. Pin 3 –“Single Coil” Voice-3 Select – This contact selects Voice-3 Single Coil mode when connected to ground via switch. If open (not connected) the pickup defaults to Voice-1/Voice-2 as selected by the Voice-2 pin. Voice-3 Single Coil mode overrides the setting of the Voice-2 pin when activated. In Voice-3 Single Coil mode, the active coil is the one closest to the neck for both Bridge and Neck pickups. In the same way as the Voice-2 pin, “Single Coil” Voice-3, it can be combined with “Single Coil” control pins from multiple Fluence pickups on the same switch contact without interaction.
  5. Do you mean the bottom 2 sequences all together or only the sequence marked as red? I have now been staring this sequence for few days now and trying to understand it. Now when I read the Fishman definition I have come to a conclusion that this is only connecting the inner and outer coil outs of neck and bridge together and signal is then going out through the bridge hot wire at the position 2 of the top right sequence
  6. Any one tried D'addario Protect? https://www.daddario.com/products/accessories/care-maintenance-tools/polishes-cloths/protect-liquid-carnauba-wax/ Anyone know how natural is this since I did not find any ingredient listing from the interwebs.
  7. Hi, I am starting to plan my wiring scheme for the build I am making. My first pickup wiring attempt with these 5-way superswitches. I got a wiring scheme from Fishman but I am using Schaller Megaswitch M instead of Otax so I need translate and add 2 volume blend trimpots. Here is the document from Fishman: https://www.fishman.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/09/Tosin_Abasi_Install_Guide_Fluence_WEB.pdf Plan is to use the same "Tosin Abasi preferred wiring diagram" but replacing the switch. So 1 master volume and the same pickup configuration. Difference is that I want to add 2 volume blend trimpots at the position 3 for bridge and neck pickup. Would this work: To this: (note that I mistakenly drew bridge and neck PUs other way around)
  8. Looking very nice. Where is that bridge from?
  9. Wiped on some finishing. After 3 coats of Crimson Guitars Penetrating Oil mixed with traditional resin oil mix(natural resins+boiled linseed oil,tung oil,mineral spirits). I ended up thinning the mix a bit more with mineral spirits cause the resin oil was quite thick mix. Next some wet sanding and another coat. After that I will be checking the neck angle again when I get the bridge mounted. And if it is off I will be shimming it or file the neck pocket to get it corrected. Depending on how high can the saddle height adjustment screws go.
  10. What do think would be the best way? Should I file/sand the neck pocket at an angle to correct this? I thought finishing the body so I can mount the bridge in place and then with a string or a thread check the current situation and matching angle? Watched this today and seems a good and feasable way. Thoughts? https://youtu.be/J_3t6rMpd38
  11. Now that you mention it really seems like that way in the pic...and hold it in my hand there is slight positive angle in there, but could be that the neck is not bolted in and neck is not dead straight. I have to bolt the neck in and adjust the truss rod and check that again. I do not know where that have changed cause I planed the whole blank and the template was level to it when I routed the pocket. Did I sand the body unevenly? Oh gosh. Fingers crossed.
  12. Thanks. Yeah, the shape is. It is still missing the string locking headpiece and some finishing touches.
  13. That was my first option but read that these smell for a quite some time so went and bought Crimson Penetrating oil. I read online and tested that the oil will soak in endlessly into poplar burl since it so porous wood. So I went and bought a little can of natural resin, linseed oil and tung oil -varnish. I will mix these 2 products together with some mineral spirits so it will be somewhat like danish oil.
  14. They are ok. I got their already diluted water based stains....not the shots. These were very bright which was good. I have no experience with the mixed colors.
  15. Staining. This was very enjoyable moment. Sanded down. Version 1, Version 2: Needed more darker hue. Finished staining. This will be finished with Crimson Penetrating Oil. I plan on mixing the Penetrating Oil with some natural resin strengthened linseed oil/tung oil mix to get more durable finish.
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