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  1. I hope the thing won't turn against me. I am feeding it. Me wanna survive! You gotta know the thing has good intensions cause the guy with no legs can still play a guitar.... with his hands.? heh... Yep. Let it grown a bit more and I am going to sand it and nurse its black tained skin with oil.
  2. Dear fusion 360 team. I know I cheated while applying for a free student version of your software. I have to admit. I finished studies 7 years ago and therefore i am no longer a student. But. I still want my money back for the endorsement. Honestly love this product .And more spam:
  3. In the upcomming days the deer omen will give You the power to face challenges with a calm mind. On the other side the dragon will give you fortitude, courage, and strength. These signs guide you towards the path of light so.. what wiki chinese dragon also states: do not limit yourself to just what is written. Thank you my friends for your kind words. I will do my best to keep you entertained.
  4. I changed the idea a bit
  5. I will definitelly check the water suply .. and what a shame .. read the books finally. But i'm preety posivive its too much of listening to Stam1na & Mokoma. You ve goot great bands there in the north Remember some years ago Stam1na playing in Poland in a small club for 50 people. I have never seen a band playing with so much enthusiasm and engagement on a stadium.
  6. I spent some more effort on pareametrizing the frets so next time I change the multiscale dimensions it will calculate the fx values I will try the asymmertic profile. Did the basic form. Will start sculpting in next steps.
  7. Hey All! I didn't have enough time and courage to do anything concrete recently regarding this project. I tempotarily struggled to learn and get used to new software fusion 360 because solidworks was just painful when it comes to optimization and crashes. No success yet. I also experimented with gluing fornirs and researched some related stuff. From time to time I did rough guitar models in oculus medium. ..maybe sometime in the future will fillow this.. More often I am thinking about returning to old ideas that I made sketches some time ago. Nevertheless let it be fun. Hope to find more time for lutherie fun next years. Please let me know if there is any projectbrakespacetimecontinuum.com sort of a site somewere to solve my main problem. I Wish You merry Christmas and a Happy Creative New Year
  8. Thank you. It is so nice to read. I really admire your works
  9. Unfortunatelly I did not document it but this time i will
  10. Thank you, sir! I never had a headless bridge in my hands before so I had no expectations. I see that the paint comes off quite easily in some places so lets be positive - it's got a natural relic potential. It lacks one threaded holes row in the middle. I will have to make that up to be able to set it up properly. All the rest is very good. I think it will be fine:)
  11. I made some robotic-fusion collages for start to get some basic ideas.
  12. This will be a 7-string headless with fanned frets. Recently got FL bridges from china. I 'm planing to unscrue the brass block and screw the plate to the body. Hope this will work.
  13. Hi All! This will be my second guitar work. We have some: - maple/ alder for body - mahogany and wenge for neck - pau ferro for fingerboard
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