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  1. Also - and probably a newbie comment - but be sure to check the level across the full fret radius. In other words I had same issue even after I checked & leveled but really was only checking down the center line of the neck.
  2. Turned out awesome! Great job from soup top nuts, looks like it'd be fun to play too
  3. Maybe a newbie question, but wouldn't carbon reinforcements hinder (or completely eliminate) truss rod adjustments?
  4. @Bizman62 I see now what you mean by laminated- thanks! Great info - But this'll be 1 solid, scarf jointed neck.
  5. I've read that scarf joints are stronger than one piece ... due to the grain length If I understand what you're saying by "laminated neck" You mean a piece of laminate glue to face of headstock? Although I think that ship has sailed as I already re-sawed and planed the thick piece of maple I have so I can get 2 necks out of it (one guitar & one bass) Yes I would -- this is a good idea, I've decide to shorten that tail/body length too. Thanks to the idea! Some kind soul on here (sorry, not sure who) tipped me off on not really worrying too much about it until the build is finished (minus button installation) then use duck tape and a rope to test different locations. Low tech, easy to adjust and worked like a charm! Tamo is what I used for the mockup - got the grain pattern from some online picture. I like it very much but I think this'll depend on if my local lumberyard has it in stock & at a usable size. I'm open to something else as long as it's pretty. Excellent tip, thanks! So you do this after radiusing the fingerbard? Why not do it pre-radius and avoid the need for shims? --Also I've refined the body dimensions, shorting overall length by just over inches. Originally the tail length was same as my previous builds but after playing them for a while I think this is unnecessarily long. And on top that I'm incorporating the orginal/longer design into a bass build. I've thickened up the horns a bit, lost most of the contours and made a few other tweaks...but basically the same. My son took back the the only bass I had and I miss playing that more than I thought this is what I have so far with that idea: Since I already made cuts on neck materail maybe I should add this to the "in progress" forum
  6. So much goodness this month -as usual- I think I agonized and flip-flopped more on this contest than I did naming my first born! The second 2 kids was way easier as I just agreed with what my wife chose...maybe I should've called her in on this vote...
  7. Anyone having trouble acquiring random stuff (guitar related or not) normally available? I can not find pre-cut 9.5 radius fretwire anywhere! An odd item to be in demand IMO ...
  8. This is looking amazing! So clean an precise... I would swear made with cnc if there weren't pictures
  9. I think "Him" misspoke .. he probably meant "guitar bazooka"
  10. Well, that would be obviously suggestive to an immature mind ... I like it!
  11. "beauty spots" ... that's a good way to spin it positive and I will now steal this phrase
  12. Huh, interesting fact! https://claescaster.com/tag/greco-sg-400/ And a pretty good deal starting @ $225 USD!
  13. Good idea! Last night I did a deep search this and found a pretty cool implementation of this by Stephen Strahm Guitars out of California. Doing an image search I found an old Facebook post from 2012 mentioning it and then followed that to some pics deep in his gallery (on a guitar style he may not even build anymore - looks like mostly focusing on acoustics.) While this is way cool, probably beyond by carving skills. I'm thinking of something more flush. But now I have something to strive for EDIT: Also this PG thread had some good information as well!
  14. Has anyone ever seen a Strat style output installed on the side of the body rather than on top? Any practical reasons this wouldn't work if in the right spot?
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