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  1. Wow, glad I got mines in last month or wouldn’t have had a chance!! Great selection to choose from but made it very difficult to come to a decision. great work done by all entrants and all should be proud regardless of who wins!
  2. I recently completed metal gear solid 5, and whilst it was a fantastic game, the end was so disappointing I felt I’d wasted all of the spare time I put into it. Such a deflating feeling, which is what made me go back to building a guitar again. I couldn’t face another winter going through with nothing to show for it! now that spring is upon us ive started playing assassin creed unity. I kinda feel it should be the other way round. I should build in summer and play vid games in winter have to save the pennies though to get through this Coronavirus since the wife had to close her business temporarily. If the government small business grants come through I might be able to do something in the cheap.
  3. I have the same Bosch router, it’s ok but when you see newer routers coming with the micro adjustment wheel I get tempted to change. a lot of my other tools were Lidl, the belt sander and random orbital and both do a decent job. they had a band saw for £70 I think last week, looked similar to the saw I have. If I didn’t already have one I would have bought as I don’t find any limitations with my own. (Other than I can no longer find blades any more) ive taken the view that as I’m not making any to sell (yet) I don’t need and shouldn’t be buying expensive guitar building tools. If I ever made a bit of hobby money on the side from building then I could probably justify the better tools.
  4. Yeah the Corona is making things a bit shit for everyone at the moment.
  5. Ah sorry, I miss read your post. Glad you got sorted
  6. You can get knob pullers it’s like a v shaped fork that you slip under the knob and pride up. apparently make it easier to prise them off without Breaking.
  7. Panama is so much fun to play, and again, relatively easy to pick out by ear. I have no doubt that what I've learned has imperfections but it sounds good when played against a backing track. I don’t get too pedantic about accuracy, most artists don’t play it the same live anyway. I don’t bother to figure out if I’m on the right string either, as long as I’m hitting the right note and it feels right to play.
  8. I’ve been playing probably 20 years+. Tough question, probably try harder in a band. I never put the effort in with my one and only band and fizzled out very quick after starting. A band would have brought my playing on leaps and bounds. I also wish I put more effort into ear training. I’ve recently started trying to learn songs by ear and find it’s improved quite a bit. my first song learnt by ear a year ago was Van Halen Running with the devil. much of the early Van Halen stuff I’ve found is relatively easy to learn by ear. Being a four piece with one guitar featuring quite prominently it’s easier to hear the independent notes and chords.
  9. I’m not usually a fan of custom designs but those both look great! I do t think I have a preference out the two of them.
  10. That’s interesting. im just thinking out loud so don’t slate me here! By stacking pcb coils instead of winding them, could they better reproduce an exact sound over and over? You essentially get the exact same winding pattern (without winding) and number of coils so there’s less chance of each individual pickup sounding different? you've still got variations in pole pieces but it has to be less of a variant and provide tighter quality control? from a mass production point of view this approach has to be better than having multiple computer controlled spools cooling wire all day? Currently they are only offering two voicings per pickup but the choice is endless and possibly in their future production plans. I know Fishman have been around for a while now, but in order to compete in the guitar world unfortunately you have to start by making ‘the most authentic vintage sounds’. When Fishman first came outEMG had the active pickup market and they had to try to win over dedicated EMG fans. Now that they are well established they may well experiment a bit more.
  11. True, but on this guitar I don’t want full float, I want dive only. In fact I will likely fit a D Tuna which requires that a floyd can’t float to work properly. I don’t doubt it, in the US the specials are a lot cheaper Stew Mac currently have them for £65 I think this has got me where I need to be. Seems it might be reasonable steel however there is an awful lot of force on knife edges and only hours of use will tell. I have worn knife edges out before on an Ibanez S470 with a licensed Floyd style trem. The experience was awful, and being licensed replacing parts With same fitment would have been Difficult. I sold that guitar for next to nothing on ebay, was a great guitar other than the trem.
  12. I’m not against using a high quality clone, however finding one is difficult. I would have to buy several from several manufacturers and select the best by doing testing. Doing that could make it more cost effective to buy a real Floyd. At least with the Floyd brand name I have a bit of an idea, although obviously not enough to stop me asking the question the key point of my question is really, are the knife edges really important on a top mounted trem that sits flush against the top of the body? i do use the trem a lot, I like 80’s music and play a lot of van halen, who also uses a top mounted trem.
  13. As some of you might be aware I have a penchant for 80’s music and like my super strats. I’m going to make a replica of the Kramer Richie Sambora at some stage (but with 2 humbuckers not 3) and looking at Floyd roses again. So far I have two guitars both with Original Floyd Rose but obviously that comes at a price! I feel like the one on my evh replica was too expensive for a dive only setup. so, my question is, if anyone has any experience with the Floyd Rose Special? It will be top mounted and setup for dive only so I’m kind of thinking I don’t need an expensive Floyd for that. any opinions? I could go Gotoh or Schaller but I like the interchangeable nature of Floyds and the various upgrades available if I wanted to add anything in the future.
  14. I hate it when that happens . It’s my most impatient part of the build but also the most important. The finishing phase is not about hiding your sins, it usually reveals them. It will particularly reveal where you have sanded different grits of paper if you aren’t thorough enough. I’ve also found in the past that if I didn’t seal it well enough before sanding back, wet sanding would seep around join lines and make them visible through opaque paint. Some people might say that to finish a guitar properly takes the same amount of time as it took to actually build it. Puts it into perspective.
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