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  1. willliam_q

    Jackson Dinky Build Progress

    Jackson Dinky w/ reverse headstock build progress
  2. Do you oil your necks or clear coat? The only reason I ask is I can see the grain texture in it.
  3. Ah ok. Didn't realise that. Could the dye be reacting to the solvents in your top coat?
  4. I agree I like the aggressive look of your guitars and would love to have one myself (if I wasn't building). In terms of finish, if you are constantly buffing or sanding through your finish maybe you need to spray more layers, maybe 4 or 5 coats. That way by the time you have tidied up the finish it will be nice and thin. It does mean you will need a longer cure time however. I'm about to go up now to start polishing up my new build, I've put a lot thinner coats of finish on the neck and am a bit anxious myself about sanding through.
  5. Sorry to hear about messing up the finish, it looked great, what happened?
  6. Excellent, I prefer science over voodoo any day! I was the kid at school who alway had useless facts about nearly anything (except sport) pitty I didn't actually learn anything useful when I was at school!
  7. It's a great way to repurpose wood and make some money for yourself at the same time. I like authentic relic look guitars so this is right up my street. Looks great!
  8. Yes I've never had to buy high quality figured woods yet as I am just not good enough. It's hard to believe the prices for a chunk of wood sometimes. How many necks do you think you would get out of each of those blanks?
  9. Ok thanks. Makes sense that if not fully seated they should lift out easy enough. I will have to give this a try later in the week.
  10. Looks great so far! I would not like to be the man cutting that with a handsaw. If you allowed 15 mins for fretting I think I'd be allowing a full day for cutting the body by hand! Just on a side note. Did you get any chipping when lifting the frets out again? I've the same issue where a few slots aren't deep enough. I'm afraid to pull the frets as when I was installing them my ebony fret board was starting to chip in some places. The frets are currently holding any chips down so they are invisible. When prepping the fretboard for my frets I beveled the edges with the intention of making the frets easier to lift out.
  11. Who can change their mind so drastically in a few days. I think your customer doesn't really know what he wants. Either that or he wants a guitar that sounds like every single guitar on the planet incorporated into one! Maybe some coil splitting humbuckers would do the trick?
  12. I only really use D'Addario 10's. I haven't really experimented with any other strings, it's just a habit I suppose. I like the D'addarios and as the old saying goes if it's not broke don't fix it! They last forever as well. I had Ernie Ball's at one stage years ago but found they'd break too easy.
  13. I built my first guitar recently. I had it well planned out on paper, measurements for absolutely everything I could think of. However when building I realised i still didn't have enough measurements. some of the measurements to know: String spacing on your trem depth to route pickups and neck pocket I thought I could shape my neck comfortably to my hand but I found this hard without the strings on it so in future I will use calipers and have the depth worked out before I begin. I routed freehand. NEVER AGAIN!!!! I was disappointed in the results so in future i'm gonna put the effort in to make templates. Lazyness never pays! Fill the grain. I just sprayed the paint without filling the grain and the paint work looks b*****ks. I have since met a new friend through work who can do airbrushing. I'll hopefully get mine done labour free in future. mmm just thinking bout the beautiful sunburst now!!!! Be very careful when making the fret slots. My guitar ended up very slightly out of tune the further up the neck I travelled. The reason for this is that I measured each fret from the previous fret. I have since learned to always measure from the nut. That way only one fret would be out of tune if you make a mistake. Finally, I am glad I made so many mistakes. Building my guitar was a journey of disappointment and frustration but in the end there was an enormous sense of achievement, even though I know the guitar is not perfect. It has made me more determined to make the next guitar simply because I know I won't make the same mistakes again!!
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