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  1. OK thanks! I was pretty sure it would be fairly simple 8 just wasn't sure if the system needed the resistance from the pot to function properly.
  2. Sorry I should have specified. I am going to be using their pre-amp. It does come in a kit and looks pretty plug and play. Not having any potentiometer at all shouldn't effect anything right? Thanks for the help!
  3. Hello I'm going to be doing my first guitar build soon using warmoth parts. I'm not going to have any mag pickups only a graph tech ghost piezo system. I have a number of questions about wiring it and am having trouble finding any information on wiring a system like this. I need to know if I need a volume and tone knib because I'd rather not have either if not necessary. Also do I need to ground the bridge, ferrules and strings (I'm using a strat hardtail setup). Anything else I should know? Thanks in advance. I know a little about electronics but am completely new to guitar electronics.
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