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  1. I agree completely. You dress one fret, polish it, make it look and feel all nice and shiny... only 23 to go, uhhhh... Turned out really great, can't wait to see it all set up and played.
  2. This thread is such a pleasure to follow. I watched some master builder videos on youtube and the amount of job specific high precision tooling they have and use to get some stuff done, and then there's you. The tooling you "built" and use, and the results you achieve with them... so low tech, but so efficient. Absolutely love every documented step in this thread
  3. Heh, I'm more old fashioned, I broke it on a non-electric kick scooter haha. I used to ride them and compete professionally all across Europe until 2011 (skatepark/freestyle riding... like Skate/BMX...) when I quit my sponsors and all to go to college and live a more sane life. I still actively ride for the sake of riding and having fun, so last year I went to a big action-sports event and shattered my leg during the practice sessions. I see your son also broke the ligament(s) holding the bones together and got the immobilizing screw across both bones. Hope he recovered well My tibia was fractured into 4 big pieces, hence the hardware on the left. But the surgeon did a crazy job putting it back together with the two screws and the pin/hook, you can't even see the fracture lines, unlike the pieces of the fibula all over haha. Most of the hardware on the left + the immobilizing screw are out, and I fully recovered. Fun times all in all, was an uphill ride to recover, but well worth it. Made me appreciate walking actually. I love walking now, makes me feel normal haha.
  4. Uhhh, what's holding it in actually? Looks like it completely broke off... here's how they fixed my leg last year, had a little crack as well, maybe you guys can use it as a guide on how to secure your tooth in place
  5. Hang in there guys, just two more weeks! Here's something that's been bugging me as a man who loves stats and numbers. Croatia brought in mandatory masks for shops etc. since monday. Today they are already proudly boasting how the measures are working, we see a drop in daily new cases. How is that possible, with a virus that has a 2+ weeks incubation period. The new cases from today are people who caught it before masks were mandatory. I mean, the folks running the show here aren't the smartest, but I've seen such reports from more developed countries as well... that's one thing that bugged me and had to get it off my chest. I'm not against masks, but I'm against misinterpreting numbers to push a narrative, that's all. I need to order some wood, plans for the next 2 builds are pretty much done, can't wait to start building so I have less time to read the news
  6. Interesting process, looks stunning in that raw black... what a crazy threat from the beginning.
  7. I got asked by some friends if I would ever attempt an acoustic build, and seeing threads like this, I'm fairly sure I won't Insane craftsmanship on display here, can't wait to see it done and hear it played. Very interesting instrument
  8. Well deserved, what an amazing display of craftsmanship. Cheers!
  9. I'm glad I finished mine last month and lost in a blaze of glory. This month is really next level, awesome job everyone
  10. Yeah, same here. I'm glad I'm on the outskirts of Zagreb, so I have a house and a backyard, I can't imagine how it was (and probably will be soon again, since the numbers are ramping up) for the people in the center, living in building blocks. Like a hamster in a cage, uhhhh... At this point I'd love to take an antibody test (had a weird cold back in february) and if it turns out I am immune now, I want a permit to travel and do shit again.
  11. Transition from dyed shiny top to raw edges, just wow. And yeah, the purple is something else, amazing builds.
  12. Now, the templates for the top carve are something, awesome. I'll have to look up some of your older builds, I love where and how this is going. Love your take on the "Les Paul", godspeed!
  13. Hot damn, there is so much to like about these. I'm surprised to see some details I drew up on my sketches but didnt knew if they would work. One of those details are the "pickup rings" that aren't really rings but just two "rails" on the sides. Love how it looks, definitely going for that as well. Where from Croatia are you? Can I stop by your shop and see them in person?
  14. Those renders look a bit unrealistic, tone down the amount of reflections and I might believe it's real but seriously, wow.
  15. I feel like I'm starting to sound like an Ibanez salesman, but I really love what they do on the S series, just look at how Nita Strauss picks her up and throws her signature guitar around with the whammy bar. I'm now sketching out my next two builds, both will looks similar, one will have the ibanez low profile tremollo, the other will be fixed bridge baritone guitar. I'm trying to push the design of both to the thin side, but I just dont see a way to get it thinner than 1 1/4" (32 mm) around the tremolo, and even in that case I'll have to screw the cavity cover onto the body, no recess, no flush fit. But like my last build, definitely going again with the S series philosophy, "thick" around the core (32 mm compared to 38mm on my last build) with nice curves towards the edges making it light, ergonomic and extra thin around the edges.
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