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  1. I’m working on my first build and I was planning on clear coating with spraymax 2k poly. But after doing more research I’m not sure I want to risk exposing myself to the Isocyanates. Has anyone used the solarez I can’t believe it’s not lacquer clear coat? How durable is it and is it beginner friendly? I’m looking for something that can get pretty high gloss and take a beating but won’t kill me or my neighbors if the wind blows towards them so the zero VOC aspect is pretty appealing. thanks
  2. Gotcha that’s probable a better idea. Thanks!!
  3. I started building a guitar back in high school about 10 years ago and never finished it and I finally have time to work on it so I’m getting back into it. Looking back over what I have, it seems I bought .09” plastic binding, but I only have a router bit and bearing to do a .06” channel. Can I cut a .06” channel, glue in the .09” binding, and use a flush cut bit to route it flat? Or will the plastic melt and/or look messed up afterword? thanks
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