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  1. Beautiful guitar, Beautiful sound. What are you doing talking to us? You should be out making millions. ... I'm flattered. Amazing work, truly. Michael
  2. It's not actually my band, but I'm their Public Representative, I deal with merch sales, get the crowd riled up, and I'm amazing friends with all of these guys, I just got back from one of their concerts tonight, actually, it was their CD release, their first full length called "New Breed of Nothing" you can find us at the Seared Webpage It's metal. influences from guys like In Flames, to Opeth, we have three songs on the website, our site is down right now, so we're going through myspace right now, but we do indeed have three songs availiable for listening. If you're interested in a CD, (one of them new shnazzy full-lengths) just give me a PM, they're 8 bucks, I might be able to lower the deal for you, but I'll have to talk to people first, but 8 bucks is no bad price. enjoy, it's glorious! Michael
  3. as a someone new to the luthier game, I must say. This thread, as well as the rest of the site, has been so extremely helpful. and I thank you all. I have one thing to add 1/ wear ear protection, something that blocks A LOT of sound, if the phone rings, you don't hear it, the dog barks, you don't hear it... and this is why: Distraction is the tool of Satan. I will say it again. DISTRACTION IS THE TOOL OF SATAN stay focused, if your mind wanders, so will your project, if you're routing and the doorbell dings, so will your project. Stay focused, stay safe Thanks again guys! Michael
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