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  1. Fookgub - i built the body but bought the neck because i didnt have the equipment for that. i used a matt black car paint. not many coats thats why it scratches. thanks for the 2 votes!! YAY lol guess im gunna have to wait a few more years to get GOTM. cant compete with all the pros 4 days left.. VOTE FIEND! lol only bad thing i hate about it is i cant swing it around.
  2. Fiend Double Locking Jackson LFR Gotoh Tuners Jackson JS30 Humbuckers Rosewood Fretboard Plywood body! (only the best) First project LOL IF I WIN ROFLMAO IF I GET VOTES Made with only the most professional tools BTW: 1st build
  3. thats what i was thinking now i will. i was going for a bit thicker to get a good coffin look. no progress however, need materials...
  4. heres the progress with my coffin case: Should i make another tutorial on how i made it? i used a different method
  5. you should take a look at a jem construction and some guitar parts to get some knowledge about them.
  6. the metal shaft that the trem poles screw into is what i think your talking about. they should be flush with the cavity and none of the shaft should stick out.
  7. you can also buy matt black or satin paint.
  8. do you have to do several layers of copper tape in the cavities?
  9. at the hardware store (Bunnings Warehouse) they only sell wood thats either 12mm or 18mm thick. should i go with the 12 or 18mm? as you mentioned to use 1/2" for the sides which is 15mm. kind stuck in which one to choose. another problem is what join should i use. my only choices are dowel or nail/screw. if i use a nail, the nailhead would stick out of the wood. if i use a dowel, it may not be strong or enough.
  10. yeah im going with material covering the plywood. What joins can i use without having to have alot of tools. all i have is a jigsaw, saw and drill. would dowels, nails or screws work?
  11. Im currently in progess of making a Coffin case but dont know about the materials. Should i go with MDF or Plywood? Where can i get coffin red inside material like this: thats basically what i want it to look like. buying it may be cheaper but i am unsure. what can i use instead of joining with biscuits? i dont have the machinery to use biscuts so yeah. can i put screws in Mdf and plywood? i painted some MDf a while ago and it is really hard to get it smooth, plywood seems better to paint on.
  12. oh and when letting the filler dry on a cold day, dont ever leave it outside! lucky i tested a piece of plywood and it split it a week! and for the sanded filler, dont leave it on concrete! i did that at it filled the grain in on my pavement.
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