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    Squash- don't play much any more but I want to start again cos it was good. (Shame I wasnt though :P)
    Wasting my life on the internet
    Wasting my life (and money) going out
    Base jumping
    Watch TV occasionally
    Listening to music, mainly stuff that nobody else my age does since most of the music popular with my agegroup at the moment seems to be mind-numbingly bland.

    Cats. Cats are amazing. That counts as an interest.

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    I was going to try to use all 50000 characters that the forum allows, but I'm bored now and I'm only on 728 :(

    Whilst at uni I dont really do any of the above though...
    Just the guitar playing i guess

    seems that all that 95% of people want to do at uni is drink and go clubbing.
    Not that thats such a a bad thing though :P
  1. Hello Be. I just added you to my hotmail msn, if ever there´s a chance to chat. Have a nice day!

  2. All the entries were great this month, but for me it had to be Wes's... even though (as a general rule) strat-esque guitars tend to bore me a little, this one just works so well as a whole. The wood finish and inlay all just work great together... I want it.
  3. Took me a while to decide, but in the end Russ got my vote. Theres just so many cool ideas in that build... the attention to detail is fantastic. And as GregP said, the fretboard looks awesome. I dont have the time to go through all the other entries a name at a time and commend them all individually, so let me just say that they are all awesome and it was a difficult decision choosing just one! Loads of great designs and ideas. I'd happily own all of them Wes, (firstly thanks for the vote ), and that logo was added in about a second on paint with no consideration- don't worry, I'm not about to scrawl my initials across the headstock in tippex pen (Also hurry up and finish that spalted maple strat with the distressed hardware in time for next months GOTM! That one's almost guarenteed my vote) Thanks for the votes so far!
  4. This is looking like one of the most interesting GOTM's for a while, so I guess I'll try to make it more so; The specs are: # 28" scale length # 1pc Zebrano body # Wenge neck and fretboard with zebrano inlay # 24 frets # Gotoh tuners # Danish Oil finish # GFS Mean90 (neck) # GFS 'Crunchy PAF' (bridge) # 1 vol, 1 tone, 6 way rotory pickup selector, wired as follows; 1. Bridge humbucker (series) 2. Bridge humbucker (parallel) + Neck P90 in parallel with bridge 3. Neck P-90 on its own. 4. Bridge humbucker (series) + Neck P90 in series with bridge 5. Bridge single coil (split humbucker) on its own 6. Bridge single coil (split humbucker) in series with the neck p90 The knobs in the photos are temporary. I'm replacing the vol and tone with smaller knobs. The pup selector (knob nearest the bottom of the pic) will remain large though. The body shape is my own design, but it borrows heavily from the fernandes ravelle, just with an extra horn. My brother playing it: --------------------------------------- Here's a soundclip: http://www.zshare.net/audio/3206124b7f549d/ I recorded it with a cheap and nasty (£1 !) Headset-microphone, so its not exactly professional sound quality, but it gives you an idea of how it sounds. You can hear the guitar acoustically too, because I had to record it at low volume. Heres some more metal-ish stuff. My playing kinda sucks because I dont play much metal- I just think it suits the lower tuning. But then again my playing kinda sucks anyway. http://www.zshare.net/audio/3206292b2e2059/ --------------------------------------- http://i62.photobucket.com/albums/h86/bent...yofPHTO0543.jpg http://i62.photobucket.com/albums/h86/bent...yofPHTO0619.jpg As names go, I think I'll just go with "Zebrano Baritone". Never been one for naming guitars personally. Thanks to anyone who votes for me!
  5. Same, but in the end I went for digthemlows, with Wes a close second. They were all nice guitars this month.
  6. Melvin Hiscock's "Make your own electric guitar" is a great book, and probably the best starting point for you. I'm sure others here will agree. That and the search function here and the MIMF library should help you.
  7. Ben

    Sustainer Ideas

    Cool. My last one had no bobbin and that was easy enough to make (still yet to finish the guitar in which it will be situated though ) No, I don't think that will work, certainly didn't from my experiments, the magnetisism needs to go through the core. You can run a magnetised driver next to your pickup though... I had a feeling it wouldn't. Ah well, no big deal- I'll just buy another magnet Thanks for the response and expect to hear from me in a couple of months Ben
  8. Ben

    Sustainer Ideas

    I'm thinking about having a sustainer placed next to a tele neck pickup, as in my diagram, and using a 2nd tele neck pup cover to encase the sustainer (maybe I could use the cover to pot the thing?) - do you think the sustainer (probably a single coil one due to the restricted size) would work from beneath a tele neck-pickup cover? I would imagine it would, the only issue I could see here would be that the cover may force it further from the strings, meaning it would need to consume more power (maybe?) - do you think it would work with the limited magnetic field through it (which I'd guess would be about 1/2 the strength of if it were placed on top)? (The first diagram represents this situation) Or would I need a 2nd magnet to strengthen the magnetic field?- as in the 2nd diagram If you dont know I'll just have to test things for myself and find out, but it would be useful for pre-planning if anyone could offer any insight. Thanks Ben EDIT: forgot the image!
  9. this poll's gonna be close... its usually quite easy to guess the winner at the start, but this time i have no idea... all are great
  10. Ben

    Sustainer Ideas

    yep I'm counting on it remaining hidden. Its Ugly I could quite easily glue some pieces of steel to the top of the bobbin next to the driver, but I think I'll try it without them first and see if theres a problem, because I'd guess that they could affect the sound of the pickup below
  11. Ben

    Sustainer Ideas

    For anyone who might be interested heres a pic of my driver coil. Its mounted on the top of the bobbin.. To make it glued a piece of card on top of the core, wound the coil, saturated it with CA, let it dry, then peeled off the card (a remenant of which is still stuck to it ) Comes out at exactly 8 ohms (btw I know the pic is a little large, but in a few mins it should shrink when photobucket processes my request to reduce it ) Also, if you're wondering why theres toothpaste in the pic, its because my bathroom is the only room with halogen lighting, and hence the only room in which I can take photos when my camera doesnt have enough battery power left to charge up the flash
  12. Ben

    Sustainer Ideas

    Only one way to find out!
  13. Ben

    Sustainer Ideas

    The woman in store told me they'd stopped stocking both the chip and transistors all together... and when I type my postcode in that box it gives me this: store: Leeds Superstore stock :4 distance: 16.1 miles Huh??? I was at the leeds superstore a day or two ago, and If they'd delivered more stock since then I doubt theyd just buy in 4 chips... anyway, thanks for drawing that to my attention pete, I might give them a call.
  14. Ben

    Sustainer Ideas

    Anyone know a UK site where I can get the LM386 and the J201 / 2N5457 / MPF102 transistors, without a minimum order or extortionate delivery? I've searched without any luck... I've found sites that carry both, but I dont really nead anything else, so I find I either have to make my order up to about £20 or I have to pay postage costs that are about 10 times the cost of my order. I phoned a couple of companies and asked f they could just shove them in an envolope and post them for £0.26, but both refused. I've checked locally too. Maplin dont stock them and there isnt really anywhere else thats local.
  15. Ben

    Sustainer Ideas

    For the driver what would be best: a thin core (eg 1mm) or a fatter core (eg 5mm or more), or do you think would I be wise to just copy yours, pete, and make it 3mm?
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