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  1. Cool, this gives me some ideas for a replica motorcycle Im building comprised of parts from the late 1920's and 30's. Most of the pieces are rusted and weathered and the issue of making a faded and worn brand name on the tank was unsolved till now. This would be a great look for the bike. Thanks ! -Vinny
  2. Hello Dan, 2 highly recommened books to have, Lots of what you requested is covered in here: Melvyn Hiscock's 'Build Your Own Electric Guitar' see Amazon for a copy. Do a search here on his name and you'll have lots to look over, He also stops in now and then. -And other book covers just about everything on wood finishing questions: Flexner's Finishing Wood, here's a thread where I reminded members: http://projectguitar.ibforums.com/index.php?showtopic=43104&st=0&p=458394&hl=melvyn&fromsearch=1&#entry458394 Take care, Vinny
  3. I hope I'm not late to the party, but I came upon this tonight and thought it was a cool idea. A Stapler like Punch that die-cuts most plastics into a guitar pick shape. The website shows old gift and credit cards being punched up. http://the-gadgeteer.com/2010/10/29/pick-punch-review/
  4. I spent some time completely re-doing the small desktop CNC Mill and Im finally beginning to see some results. This is a huge but fun learning curve. I re-sized my full scale guitar cad drawings down to mini size to test cut on the little table. They included mostly 335 shaped stuff like body, headstock and 3 ply neck lams. Thanks for looking, -Vinny
  5. The firemen near us got Xmas presents stolen from his truck. To fix the theif, They started taking the garbage from the firehouse, gift wrapping it and setting it in the back of a parked pick-up. Its pretty funnny watching a thief take your garbage. -Vinny
  6. I concur, a great member here.

  7. Hey Drak, good to see your stuff here. Beautiful work on this one, I especially like the binding choice and headstock design, very classic. I always admire the level of work you turn out, then I recall you have no 'big shop' to build in and modest tools. I walk in your shadow my friend. Bravo !!! -Vinny
  8. Then God steps in .... he he. Thats a great side note, divine intervention ?? -Vinny
  9. Came home tonight after watching local Fireworks with my family. The paint had dried on the Z axis so I took out the tools and assembled it. Heres a couple pics. -Vinny
  10. I shelved the desktop CNC for now and I'm back working on the shop 24x36 Table. The red paint really put new initiative into the build. It looks purposeful now. The Z axis is coming together, I re-did a couple of areas and Im happy with how its coming along. Gonna place the order for the 4 belts this week, 2 twins for the long axis, 1 to go across and a mini for the compact Z axis. The rest of the parts are here, ready to go. -Vinny
  11. Looks great John, I cant wait to see this one finished. -Vinny
  12. awfully slow John, Im pulling the garage apart now that the warm weather is here to better organize the work area. And re-sawing a bunch of lumber into usable sized pieces. I really got out of hand by accumulating too much stock. I have enough to build with for years to come. I calculated the ideal size for neck blanks, sides for bending, center blocks and tops and backs. Then marked up my rough boards for cutting. I should post a picture, its like that show here the States called "Hoarders" -Vinny Your build is inspiring me to get back to my hollow body. I miss the feel of dried Titebond on my fingers, and the look of my kid's faces when I peel it off and watch their reactions, very funny.
  13. great old saying that I'm trying to piece together, heres the basic jist of it: "The apprentice will make a mistake, not realizing what he did. The Journeyman realizes his mistake. The Master Craftsman makes a mistake, he hides it perfectly or it become part of the overall design." -Vinny
  14. Can you post a link to the jig you mentioned, Thanks, -Vinny
  15. Update: My desktop is project is stalled. The parallel X pulley set-up I used to keep the gantry from racking needs tweaking. The motor and lead screw in the pic are diagonal and pull a nylon rope that runs a continuous X pattern moving the gantry from the sides equally. Im re-locating the motor/leadscrew to the traditional front to back layout but will keep the X pulleys/rope in place for its accuracy. I had things running good, after I extended my Lead wires to the motors I was back to jumpy steppers and wrong steps. Will try Mach on another computer to see if it helps. -Vinny
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