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  1. Hi Saber, really hope you get this message. You did a guitar overdub on a song my brother Matia composed about 10 years ago. I know this is a long shot but I've lost the copy of it I had and the family would like to play it at a memorial service we are having soon. I dont suppose you still have a copy? It was one of the most beautiful bits of music to myself and my family thanks to you. If you do could you please send a copy to knottsolimited@gmail.com this is my work email address or cou...

    1. Saber


      I hope I'm not too late. I don't come to this forum often. As soon as I read your message I dropped everything to look for the file. I found it on a backup disk and will send it to you (knottsolimited@gmail.com) in a few minutes.

      Take care,


  2. I've used THIS. It's a little expensive but it's a lot more conductive than Stewmac's graphite paint. From one end of the control cavity to the other, I only measure a few ohms.
  3. If you build a 1959 Les Paul copy for yourself, aren't you depriving Gibson of the money you would have spent on a real one as much as you are depriving them of the money that they would have made from the person to whom you sell it? It seems just as injurious, doesn't it?
  4. Thanks. There's a real emotional vibe to Lee's song even without the guitar solos. My lead melodies sort of wrote themselves, bringing the best out of me. Go for it, man! I can't wait to hear what you come up with.
  5. Thanks a bunch. I'd rather hear that than about my "chops".
  6. Thanks again. You really know how to brighten someones day.
  7. Thanks, Sacred. I really appreciate it. This thing meant something special to me since my own brother passed away this past summer.
  8. I don't see how honoring Lee with your version can be "disrespectfull". I don't know if Eddie is persuing his original project since we haven't heard from him recently, maybe due to our lack of interest. But it would be nice to hear more versions of the song. Take it away Pedro!
  9. Finally, fullservesite is working well enough after a week or so, that I managed to upload my latest version of Matia's Song. This version has both my acoustic and electric solos. Thanks to Lee for his beautiful song and to Eddie for the opportunity to add a little something to it. I hope you enjoy it: Matia's Song
  10. Thanks a bunch! I was a bit inspired by an old album by Alex Degrassi called Altiplano. Now, I'm juggling a few ideas for an electric solo on the second half of the song.
  11. I PM'd this link to Eddie. He suggested I post it here. I added an acoustic guitar solo in the first half of the song. I haven't yet decided what to do, if anything, in the second half. I hope you like it: Matia's Song
  12. So the bottlenecking will not be an issue. Good choice because I heard of people having latency problems with the USB ones.
  13. But I think Wes' M-audio card is neither firewire nor USB. It's PCI if I'm not mistaken.
  14. There's even a 96kHz 24bit standard on DVD-Audio but I'm not aware of any blind A-B tests that compare the different formats.
  15. In order to accurately digitize a waveform, the sampling rate has to be at least twice the frequency of the waveform. Since the highest audio frequency is 20kHz, the sampling is done at 44.1kHz which is a bit more than double.
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