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  1. The blue strap buttons are a nice touch. But competing with TSL's Tele, like trying to resist the Borg, is futile. Which is precisely why I'll make sure to finish my guitar and enter in the GOTM contest when TSL doesn't have an entry.
  2. I think if the unfinished Strat runs again, I'll vote for it. I think it'd be hilarious to see it on the front page of PG.
  3. Yeah, okay, it may take a lot of work. But, honestly, the only better things I have to do are prepare for grad school and adjust my emotional health to be able to handle a complete change of lifestyle and surroundings. And I mean, who really wants to do that?
  4. Oh, sweet! Maybe the neck I get [hopefully Monday!!!] will have it too! If not .. well, I'm sure I'll have a ton of mahogany leftover. Mmm...maple neck with mahogany volute.
  5. Did you special order your Carvin neck, then? From what I can tell from the pics, your V has a volute.
  6. I voted for Jellycaster #3. I thought the other two were great, but I really like that Jellycaster - the shape is just too cool. Wes, I hope you can still find it in your heart to give me some info on adding a volute to that Carvin neck when I get to that point in my project. Had I remembered voting was coming up, I would've entered the two chunks of mahogany that I have.
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