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  1. Dayvo got my vote this month, for great blend of aesthetics as well as attention to detail. Well done mate. cheers ,Stu
  2. There are many great builds and I could see myself picking them all up to have a bash on them. Let's face it, if they make you want to pick 'em up, you're there in my books !!!! Having said that, there was one that carried far more than just depth in the beauty and comfort department. A multi-blended mix of simplicity in styling and thinking on a total other level. It's also more than just Aussie pride, it's Aussie awe. Well done Perry. cheers, Stu
  3. Msherman's Orion for mine. I like a clean look and this build exemplifies that. Well done all and I gotta say the builds just keep on getting better !!!
  4. Aussie timbers neck-through carvetop Queensland walnut body and neck (chambered body) Tasmanian oak 16mm dual-carve top 25" scale ebony bound f/board with paua dots Seymour duncan H/B's sh-2 & sh-4 T.O.M. bridge and string through ferrules recessed into back many dyed maple laminations Finished in nitro with a faux binding and a gentle top burst. Click here for the Build Slideshow full back shot cheers, Stu
  5. Try this one on for size, Dayvo. tiger eye Cheers, Stu
  6. All great in their own ways, and obviously a popular month to finish builds in. !!!! I went for Jammy's fanned fret acoustic. That build resonated with me (pun intended) cheers, Stu
  7. Special mention to Mick and his '54. Well done on your build Mickguard. Killemall8......although I'm a metal-head, this didn't really grab me. Maybe the photo res. let you down a bit. I'm looking for detail and it's hard to see with your pics, I'm sorry. congrats on the build achievement. Lee got my vote..........only just, though. Beautiful, simple and uncluttered. Well finished.
  8. I made my own binding at 6mm deep by 2mm wide. The ebony was cut from a sacrificial fretboard and the qld maple from the edge of my figured body blank. It worked a treat. finished article cheers, Stu
  9. I used the shank on a soldering iron for bending ebony and qld maple bindings to form. It was great for all the small but tight curves. cheers, Stu
  10. I'll second you on that one , Mattia. You can get a lot of info off the net by doing a search on bandsaws. With that said, I still went out and bought a book on it. Why ? Well, I'm glad you asked. A good book will not only have set up methods and ways to utilize your bandsaw to it's full potential, but also a section for diagnosing problems and solutions. That in itself is worth the purchasing. Cheers , Stu
  11. Thanks for that Phil. You've pulled out a real ripsnorter. It's without a doubt a brilliant idea and one I'm going to use/make in the future. cheers, Stu
  12. Hi all, My name's Stu and here's my first attempt at building. Native Aussie timbers carvetop. 1 piece Qld maple body with a 9mm carve 3 piece Blackwood neck dyed maple between. Lace she-oak fretboard with inner ebony binding and sheoak outer. Qld maple headplate with ebony inner binding and Qld maple outer. 25 " scale set neck Gotoh 510 gold tuners. Gotoh gold tuneomatic bridge String thru setup with rear ferrules recessed flesh with body. GFS fatpaf humbuckers. one vol. one tone and 3 way toggle. m.o.p. side markers and a m.o.p. inlay on the headstock. finished in pre-cat nitrocellulose lacquer. Headstock She-oak fretboard neck to body my build thread (carvetop heaven) Thankyou and cheers, Stu
  13. As a foot-note to my tutorial, I figured it's one thing to make a 2 foot radiussing block.............. and another thing to actually use it and show that it works as intended. The first photo is with the sanding jig I made for a more precise job in radiussing the fingerboard. Note the 2 foot long block with two batten screws as primitive handles. (temporary I might add.) The next image is of the radiussed fingerboard. It's lace sheoak and a real beauty I finally got around to using the long block , and find it easier to get good results than a smaller block. Now........time to do something about those darn screw/handles cheers, Stu
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