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  1. The last one on the list, the "Malmsteen," totally wins my vote. I love simplicity and all things that go with it. One HB + 1 Vol = awesome. I currently have a strat with 2 single coils in series and a volume. I love it. My vote winner right there.
  2. I don't know if anyone realized it, but this thread hit its one-year-birthday on page 48...wow... Old thread that is always new and alive. I'll eventually sift through all this to figure out what you actually were working on, as I was afraid to until you posted some results in announcements.
  3. toddler, wow. i watched your topic religiously throughout the creation of that thing. i love it, all the way through. brilliant electronics, gorgeous look, ingenious and creative design. mad props, sir, that is one incredible axe.
  4. i would, er...like some alone time with that bass. EDIT - i don't suppose it's for sale, btw?
  5. man...running against that bass feels just plain wrong...it's gorgeous. however, i'm going to enter my latest accomplishment, Blue-y. i chose the name when i first sprayed the blue on and completely fell in love with the color. it started as a basic strat: http://fullservesite.com/stratomagic/kieth's/raw.jpg followed by a re-paint on the front: http://fullservesite.com/stratomagic/kieth.../front(fin).jpg also, the back got a bit of color splashed into it: http://fullservesite.com/stratomagic/kieth...s/back(fin).jpg i also re-hashed the electronics to a simpler, easier to use system that makes a lot more sense. instead of a 5-way, it now has a 3-way, selecting either n+m, all three, or m+b in series. the first tone knob is for the neck, the second for the bridge. nothing for the mid. the guy i did it for is gonna bring it back in a little while when i'll add a basic JFET boost circuit into it. single white push-button in between the volume and the first time.
  6. props to the shroom. when i first saw that in progress, i knew right away that i'd be voting for that. it's just such a nice twist to see from the classic design. true originality surpases a beautiful paint job and construction like was on dave's, which i loved mind you, just, i've seen RG's before, both factory and non-factory made. also, props to AlGee on that EVH paintjob. that looks very clean and well-done. i offer a tip of the hat to you on a very succesful paint job that turned out wonderful.
  7. GL Maiden. true beauty. my heart dropped when i saw what i was up against.
  8. figures, as soon as i enter my guitar, WAM!, here comes LGM with his noob killer. man. nice axe.
  9. before i sell it, i'm going to enter my strat. if you remember from two or three months ago, it was the natural wood w/ ebony flames along the side and a black pickgaurd. not, it's not: formerly: now: unfortunately, i didn't take any progress pics along the way. thing that changed we the design (obviously), the type and process of clear coating, and a capacitor in the electronics (whoa...major stuff...) i started by sanding down the entire body, through all sealants and whatever else have you on until the wood stood in its natural beauty (yes...that's legal). once there, i sanded the body smooth up to a 1000 grit. i then taped a drawing i made of the dragon onto the body of the guitar, putting the bridge in place just to make sure it would fit, then using an xActo, cut along the drawing into the wood about 1/16th of an inch, give or take 1/32nd. using very fine paintbrushes, i stained the dragon w/ Minwax Red Oak and Minwax Ebony. i then sanded it down until it was only about 30% left. re-stained. repeated so it was a total of staining 3 times. i layered on a Minwax clear stain over the entire body (including over the dragon for depth), then sanded the entire guitar down to a 1500 grit and re-stain the whole thing one last time, same order. detail work on the dragon, clear stain, sand smooth (started w/ 1000 then to 2000). i used a cabinetry laquer (C144-19, custom made by a friend of mine. thick and diamond-hard, semi-gloss) over the entire thing, sanded it w/ a 1500, applied a second layer, sanded it down w/ a 2000. re-assembled the body. took pictures. posted here. (btw, this is also for sale...see this thread for info/price)
  10. oh sweet jesus, it's done. i haven't been following the thread ('cause of the quote unquote clutter) so to see the pics now from where i left off is, just, well...wow. this whole month, well...sucks... i'm gonna null my vote...
  11. Leash & Scoop's "Version of Myself" has released. only for listening. not my band, i just produced and mixed 'em. Leash & Scoop
  12. 19-year-old kid working on my instrument repair degree, at the same time a diploma in bass performance, emphasis on jazz. i am currently in the process of building my first "from scratch" guitar, but in the past, i have worked on, constructed, repaired, or tweaked every aspect of a guitar, so i think i've "built" a guitar, just not all in one. i began working w/ guitars "agressively" about two years ago, but i've been playing with them since i first got one just over 3 and a half years ago. nothing but cheap custom finishes for my friends at first, but shortly graduated to more advanced techniques of finishing, as well as electronic tweaks and body shaping (small scale, bevels, small carvings, etc.) i've spent many years as "band techies" or as a roadie for countless bands, ranging from basement-pop-punk-garbage to the highest of the high when it comes to local bands. i currently sound design at Starlight Theater in Rockford, IL, and roadie for my little brother's band Leash & Scoop when i get a chance to. i mostly appreciate my repair knowledge to roadying, due to the fact that you're not working at whatever pace you want. most of the time, it has to be done and ready for a show by the next night, and that's on a good day. i worked on a kit guitar for my friend over the summer, not a full-fledged "kit," rather just parts and pieces he wanted put into a guitar. my current SG project can be seen at this thread. i always have some sort of strat project in the works, as well. i'm definately still learning, but at the same time, i have a lot of "rough and tough" experience in knowing how to a: jimmy-rig things and b: how to make things show ready and stay that way. my forte's are in finishes and things involving bridges, trems, and tuning machines. i'm learning about fretwork and just about anything related to the neck quite a bit, still. when it comes to electronics, i know enough to be able to take care of minor things, but sometimes, i get horribly confused and just bail and come to someone here for help. and i like long walks on the beach and candle-lit dinners.
  13. and i think i'm gonna drop my strat in again. that's me and my geets, the strat's all the way on the left, the one that looks like a strat front: back: blank headstock i cleaned up and put my sig on: and my fancy blue strap buttons: this was just a custom refinish/clean-up/fixer-upper job i did. it was formerly a laminated, mexican made affinity squier stratocaster. i put the standard (non-adjustable poles) fender p-ups on it, just to get rid of the nasty hum and crappy sounding ones that were on there, re-built the electronics (the same way they were) with better solder joints and whatnot, just to keep it clean, cleared the headstock, bought that alder body off my friend and attached my neck to it (the fretboard was silicon oiled, a special mixture that i worked on with a couple trombone players i know). the finish was done with minwax clear stain and minwax ebony stain, with a brushed on paint of some sort for the 1/4" outline on the flames. the blue strap buttons were spray painted, 'cause the last finish i had on it was metallic flake blue, so they matched.
  14. i liked that one a lot, right up there w/ lex's and morben's. man...tough freaking month...
  15. lex man, wanted to, but morben's semi-hollow was gorgeous and just looks like a happy guitar to me. thanks so much for the thread on how you built it, but i just can't take my vote away from that axe.
  16. dude, that's how i've learned everything. seriously...
  17. question about the fanned fretless thing. as a bass player, i see no reason to do that... why would one do it? does it feel better ergonomically? does it help to shorten the overall length? and what about the tension and thickness of the higher strings? how is that affected?
  18. and dan puts himself back into his pants... gorgeous. i would kill for a bass like that. i love the little ones, they're so much easier to throw around on stage, even though those are the ones that are too expensive or just plain cool to throw around. is it lightweight as well? or is that walnut heavy stuff? also, with the short body, how well does it balance on a strap? the design of mine (bought) had the top "horn" extended so it would have a strap button in the same place (actually a little further to make up for less weight) as there would be on a regular bass so it balances alright still. id there anything going on with that?
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