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  1. Here is my third entry to GOTM. It's hollowbody Les Paul-type of guitar. The body is totally hollow, not semi-hollow with center part. Some info about it: Body: Front and back Finnish birch, sides Finnish pine. F-holes are my own design. Neck: thermo-handled aspen with rosewood fingerboard and block inlays. 25" scale Flax oil finishing with black/blue/red color combination. Pickups de Armond-type of ones designed by Keith Amstrong. Wilkinsson lock-type of tuners. Bibsgy-clone vibra with roll-bridge. You can find some sound samples from this link: http://www.tuulikumpu.fi/?p=p_78&sName...tit:-Hollowbody
  2. Well as a valid instrument, my bass is very playable (and I like its sound very much too), very light and ergomically thinking very easy to play. You can find some sound examples (mp3) from my project-page: http://www.tuulikumpu.fi/?p=p_72&sName...a-ja-työvaiheet
  3. My 2nd entry for GOTM: "Working man"-bassguitar. Fretless bass meets 100 years old woody shovel. Woods: Neck and half of the body: aspen (thermo-version) Fingerboard: beech One jazz-bass-type of pickup + one DIY piezo-pickup. Couple sound samples played by myself in my project page (these mp3-files, sorry page is written in Finnish): My working man bass guitar project page
  4. My first message in this forum and also first entry for gotm! I just completed my guitar project "breadcaster". I had one old bread box (from 50's) in my attic and get an idea to use that as base for my next guitar project. Aspen body with old metal bread box (original paint) Maple bolt on neck with rosewood fingerboard 2 alnico humbuckers Telecaster-type of bridge Sound examples: Clean neck Clean neck with fingers Clean neck rhythm Distorted neck Clean middle Clean middle rhythm Distorted middle Clean bridge
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