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  1. you ask for alot of info try the search function
  2. http://www.stewmac.com/shop/Tools/Routing_..._Templates.html boy that was hard!!!!!!!!!!!!
  3. Get'em Setch its only fair to credit the author
  4. http://www.guitarbuild.com/modules/mydownloads/ they also have CAD software you can download to open the file
  5. armour all is a sure bet to ruin your guitars
  6. had to go with chris on the mustang look not many of them floating around so originality won plus the look is great...pleasing to the eye
  7. Becarefull trying this at home kids it could kill you and im not sure its magic....it had its drawbacks no choice between harmonic/fundi"mental" modes hard to control unwanted strings sustaining in but its one benifet was its sustain power...i could probably capo the 24th fret high e put it down and two days later it would still be going here is the pickup for those who have not seen it http://i32.photobucket.com/albums/d38/femf...off/wood015.jpg http://i32.photobucket.com/albums/d38/femf...off/wood016.jpg
  8. this was in this month's Guitarworld"confessions of a vintage gear spam colum its kinda neat so i looked it up on wikpedia http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Guitorgan how does the fret switch work without afecting pickup noise/Emi?
  9. Hi all i just got a cellphone for my brother in law and it came with this http://www.cell-phone-antenna-booster-whol...ion-shield.html it is suppossed to cancel EMI its also perfect in size in that 2 wide would cover a pickup is it worth looking into?
  10. rudeness will get you nowhere thats because the addministrator is busy and those people probably made a non cash donation and think the post office is an instant thing and you did not see what you were looking for because the search function will not include the download section so if you have picked up more than the $10 worth of information why not donate or are you one of those people who think why pay if its free and still complain they dont get enough
  11. this will get you the basics and up to speed on drivers http://projectguitar.ibforums.com/index.php?showtopic=16984
  12. Hey Jon how thick is that laminated board and have you ever had any problems with laminated boards warping or anything
  13. after the last couple of post's im wondering? Col.. is your setup in a strat?. i know Pete's is but im not sure of yours when i switched my rail to the middle position in my strat the responce droped and when i think about it i also had a little fizz but in my B.C Rich which is rear routed/top loadedt this did not happen it is fully copper sheilded but so is my strat. could the cavity be a problem (pots/switches?) it makes me wonder still...if all are overlooking the obvious? is less more? the outbord im using ( that is all but functional minus harmonic/fundimental mode which i cant switch (or at least have no control over) has "zero noise" but i just don't understand why outboard control is so over looked. in the sense all guitars could have a sustainer without the problem of space limitations or power problems as you only have 1 controler and many drivers and the power of freedom? Pete i belive will hold the answer as he has the same rail i do. which with no mods works great minus the harmonic/fudemental mode problem. but im sure he will rewind it into a proper driver i still think anything made into a small circut can be made better in a pedal of some kind with less limitations this comment is meant for all readers. think about this there.are already guitars with sustainers but how many sustainer system's?????????? why not let it be universal system. like a line6 pod one pedal works with every guitar? and CurtisA's soundclip is such great use of the sustainer....kudos
  14. i have run an obscene amount of power into my rail and had no fret buzz and its in an ibanez with very low action so i totaly agree that the right driver does not have this up/down affect with enough power to sustain the strings very well. ( remember i first tried 100 volts then 25 watts@ 8 ohm's fully cranked ) and not a buzz to be had. surely this has to be do to the fact its a humbucker driver and im also pretty sure its also the "rail" design as well
  15. i do not have this problem and i'm using shitty speaker cable for my driver and outboard amplification here is a pic of the mess that is my signal path http://i32.photobucket.com/albums/d38/femf.../Picture009.jpg and in my sound post the recording was done sitting in front of the computer moiter while it was turned on Pete knows my setup and is the only one who understands why i favor the outboard route but sadly i have no time to persue my deisign at the moment as im building guitars 10 hours a day so its safe to say when i come home the last thing i want to do is fiddle with more guitars
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