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  1. Melvyn Hiscock

    Make Your Own Acoustic Guitar

    Thanks for the review. Copies are available direct. Email me on melvyn(at)melvynhiscock.com. Prices are £22 plus £5 postage in the UK, £10 in Europe and £15 for the rest of the world. You can paypal me on that address
  2. Melvyn Hiscock

    Guitar Body Made From 17 Pieces!?

    Well, 18 pieces is now the most I have heard of one one guitar. However, I have seen a Les Paul with a lot. It was a 20th anniversary model and that had a fourteen piece body. One across the back, a veneer between that and the next lot of mahogany which was 7 piece, another veneer and then a fiver piece top. I read a lot of people's opinons on lamination, some of which is couched in pseudo science, but I have yet to see any properly researched work on it. There may be some, I have just not seen any. I agree with the other people though, if you are going to do that much work to a guitar........
  3. Melvyn Hiscock

    Tremolo Locking Nut Vs Tuners

    I never use locking nuts, they are emprorers new clothes. Cut the nut correctly, use locking tuners and take out al the backlash. AND stretch your strings properly. Standard Strat trems will stay in tune will all sorts of abuse if you sent them up properly.
  4. Melvyn Hiscock

    Depth Of Pickup Routes?

    Standard Fender routs are 5/8 inch for the neck and the pickups on most models
  5. Melvyn Hiscock

    New Hiscock Book

    Just to let you all know the stock arrived and I am shipping. I don't know when Amazon will have it as I don't actually supply them (they undercut me too much) but my American distributor is IPG in Chicago. You can order the book through any bookstore using the ISBN no which is 9780953104925, the publisher is NBS Publications In the UK you can order direct. Contact me on sales@melvynhiscock.com Sorry if this counts as a commercial ad.
  6. Melvyn Hiscock

    New Hiscock Book

    Hi all, Thanks for the comments. Firstly the book is 288 pages, all in colour and has been delayed a few times due to things like becoming single and stuff. Also since i am the publisher as well as the author I have to find al the money and time to do everything. BUT It is finished, there is a chapter on a Martin Factory visit that is at Martin for approval (only fair really, they were very helpful) and I am waiting colour proofs before the whole thing goes to print. This should be all done in a week or so and then about four weeks until I see copies. Don't believe what you read on Amazon, I have no contact with them whatsoever and so have no idea where they get their information! Thanks for your patience those of you that have been waiting Melvyn