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  1. Swift Lite 2

    Actually, I do like white Oak. It does have its foibles, but once its stopped its teenage tantrums it becomes a nice dependable mature wood.
  2. Pariahrob's build log

    Zero frets are a personal favourite of mine as you know. They do rely on the strings being spaced equally and reliably beyond the zero though. If the string locks do that, great. I prefer them for the open tone and action provided, plus they mean the nut behind the zero doesn't need the slots to have a perfect depth or falloff. Just spacing.
  3. First Build, so many lessons learned

    Wengé is so coarse than when working on it with a chisel, you almost have to work one fibre at a time. It's crazy stuff. Nice save though.
  4. Swift Lite 2

    Oak takes no prisoners. It splinters when you don't want it it, burns when you rout it too slowly or with a less-than-sharp bit and the dust needs keeping under control. White Oak and Beech. The most common yet most pernicious of wood dusts.
  5. First Build, so many lessons learned

    I can see how that might cause a light application, yes. Sponges load with product whilst paper towels or cloth absorbs it.
  6. Tele-Pine-Partscaster project!

    Okay, I was wondering whether the nut might be causing issues in the first position. It would seem it's the frets then. Do you have a small straightedge or a fret rocker? I know they're functionally useless on a neck when it has a little necessary relief, however you might find something to explore further as a culprit. If you do find something, try and prove that is what the problem is using two investigative techniques....no point in chasing anything and everything as you can quickly compound issues than solve them. Being a pre-made neck, I presume that the frets are seated well enough. I used tap them with my fret rocker (about all I use it for) to listen for poorly-seated frets. They sound different.
  7. Swift Lite 2

    Brick walls are of no consequence unless you're running at one with your eyes closed. You've got patience and a good approach, so I think you're going well as always.
  8. First Build, so many lessons learned

    I've seen it get a LOT lighter than that. What do the instructions say? I presume that being 2-part it has a finite as-packaged strength that you can mix it to, so time must be the key. I hope that your magnetic strip is strong enough to hold those router bits....I get super paranoid about dinging mine up, or the potential for them clinking together. Hahaha....I must be so faulty in the head....
  9. Misc stuff about life.This one goes to eleven...

    Agreed. I like sauces that aren't too sugary though. Love my habaneros.
  10. Misc stuff about life.This one goes to eleven...

    Yeah, it's crazy. Juts like LPs.
  11. Obol guitar build

    Wow, that's super cool. Obviously this is a deeply satisfying form of art for you, and it's a pleasure that you are sharing the thought process through the project. Truly awesome.
  12. Kemp Guitars UK Build Thread #2

    The blanket counts half a point towards an obligatory foot shot. Simple is usually the most difficult, and like has been said, that's clean work that shows you're paying attention to pre-paint prep. It underlines the importance of it completely. Bravo.
  13. Guitars and Numbers

    Yeah yeah, guitarists blaming their nut again. Heard this story before! hahaha
  14. Misc stuff about life.This one goes to eleven...

    You'll drink it. It's that "usable".