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  1. Prostheta

    BEER! What's in your fridge?

    Nothing amazing over at this end. We're having our valentine's day meal.....a lovely pair of steaks (done blue, natch) with a red wine pan glazed pepper and morel sauce over rocket. We've both had a bit of a Staropramen jones going on, so it must be that Saaz loveliness we're missing. Also, I can't recal having seen Grolsch over here. Hmmm. None of that skunky stuff seems to be available. Later we'll be watching a film over a glass of ultra-dry Italian red. The kind of stuff that sucks the moisture out of your mouth and leaves your teeth black.
  2. Prostheta

    Misc Stuff about Life. Part XII

    I figure that I best rant a little. Last week I was offered a trial transfer "upstairs" to support the design department rather than working on the shop floor. Obviously a good thing given my weight of desktop work. Since starting at this company I've found so little time and ability to collect my motivation and do productive useful things with PG. Moving city and losing my small workshop put quite a dent in this also. I'd like to think that I could figure out a better way forward, and I am sure that given enough effort and time that I can. The obvious difficulty here is that time is a precious resource, and PG is something that doesn't really sleep or conform to occasional dipping of one's toes. I think now would be a good time to re-collect our thoughts and figure out whether we can diffuse site admin and general week-to-week stuff rather than have everything in one spot. I need a desk other than the one at work. *~%'/
  3. Prostheta

    The Black Queen

    I'll follow this as best as I can! March Of The Black Queen was totally the precursor to Bohemian Rhapsody....
  4. I never freehand as the blade will invariably waller out a slot that is wider at the top and quite likely off-centre, off-straight. What does help is reducing the amount of effort required to saw by using sharp tools and running the blade through a stearine candle (tealight) before starting a new slot. I usually slot prior to tapering, so blowing out at the ends of the cut isn't an issue. Sorry for not being online much recently....just moved upstairs to the design department where I work, so I'm tit deep in taking on Rhino3D and fixing all the problems architects cause. They want everything to look a certain way, but have zero inkling on how anything works. That apparently, is my job.
  5. Prostheta

    Three new rockers are coming to life

    Yes please, it's commercial advertising.
  6. Prostheta

    Firebird "ish"

    Indeed. Seeing a Firebird done properly, but with different woods is a treat. Korina is something that 'birds never got and really should have done. I'm especially interested in the acetone wipe over the cellulose nitrate inlays....especially since the material is usually super reactive to such a strong solvent normally. At least, as far as I recall. Does it cause shrinkback similarly to how aged inlays turn?
  7. Prostheta

    Upcoming build - Red Specially perhaps?

    Well, slow as things are able to develop at this end, I did manage to buy an RS tremolo system from G&W. It's fantastic. I was thinking of a fixed bridge using one of those string retainers also.
  8. Prostheta

    BEER! What's in your fridge?

    That's just crazy. I mean, are you talking actual truck chasers or people that more or less aim to hit the stores on the delivery days? I guess it saves the staff the hassle of unpacking and shelving....
  9. Prostheta

    Misc Stuff about Life. Part XII

    It's hardly a non-combustible material though. That said, wooden house etc.
  10. Prostheta

    Firebird "ish"

    If this doesn't take Jan's GOTM, I'll eat my hat. One of my hats.
  11. Prostheta

    Firebird "ish"

    It's spooky seeing this build progressing, as it is going exactly the same way as I went with my dry run Firebird. It's even weird seeing the wings shaped because of that familiarity! The Ziricote board looks an excellent choice, even if a little less than "standard" for a Firebird. The black landscape patterning is definitely reminiscent of the black ink lines seen in some Brazilian Rosewood....I can't recall whether older 'birds got BR boards or not. I'd hazard so. My 'birds I'm building (no workshop right now, temporary hold) will be modified to suit their respective quirks; a 24" scale Red Special/Firebird hybrid (with tremolo system!) and a more standard 'bird with a wraparound like an ABM 3024. They're great guitars, and overlooked more than they really should be. Love it.
  12. Prostheta

    Firebird "ish"

    Very much by the numbers, Peter. This is exactly how my Firebirds are being built also. Question; is the grain direction parallel with the body or the neck? The blanks prepared for mine both have the headstock and the body falling away either side of the neck plane. Sorry if this has already been clarified. I'm on the mobile at work!
  13. Prostheta

    Misc Stuff about Life. Part XII

    I hope you don't fall foul of citrus Hitler's recent fuckery having caused this at the IRS: From the empty, shutdown IRS, automated processes are sending out property seizure notices, and no human can stop them https://boingboing.net/2019/01/14/untouched-by-human-hands.html
  14. Prostheta

    Firebird "ish"

    People say a lot of things! Sustain is a silly concept and a poor marker for representing good vs bad. Subjective is putting it lightly. Of course differences exist however nobody puts anything real on the table when it comes to how great that difference truly is. Generally, building an instrument well and paying attention to good mating faces whether they're a glued scarf or a bolt on pocket produces far more favourable and measurable differences. I think people put too much stock in woo and paranoia.
  15. Prostheta

    Firebird "ish"

    I'd say that it doesn't. At least, not as much as people like to believe.