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  1. Excellent! Does the sides of the neck line up well with the bridge position (couple of straightedges to confirm), the neck angle play out well and is the neck pocket/tenon fairly "gapless"? If so, that's hitting out of the park. It certainly looks that way, anyway.
  2. Misc stuff about life.This one goes to eleven...

    You've got more than us at the moment! It melted slightly into sheet ice this morning and we're probably around both sides of freezing until next week.
  3. Misc stuff about life.This one goes to eleven...

    It was -5°C/23°F yesterday. No big deal. Jan should be a harder winter, maybe going -20°C/-4°F at t times. Could be warmer, could be colder. It's better cold anyway. Pissing around freezing and you've just got slippery conditions. Cold is dry, crisp, quiet and beautiful.
  4. Misc stuff about life.This one goes to eleven...

    Bears R Us? Went driving up the coast on the islands yesterday for Finnish independence day. Thankfully, hit zero moose, deer or bears. 100 years of independence from Russia....maybe if the US kicks the Trumpanzee out of office, you'll get in one year of that same independence next year.
  5. Misc stuff about life.This one goes to eleven...

    I'd say a bit like deer too, but it depends on what time of year it was taken down and what it'd been eating. Bears that forage in the Berry forests are different to fish fed or even trash can bear.
  6. Slight angles are easy really, especially if you're good with basic trigonometry calculation and have a pair of calipers to hand. So easy it's almost like cheating.
  7. Tailcutter 7 string RG

    It's not so much about download speed for most people these days. Disk space on our cloud service is a bit tight, but go for it. Trying to work that one out without it costing us too much.
  8. Long tenons are great when you can shoehorn one in.
  9. Giving it a go

    When the thread is reviewed Dalton, you can see a lot of problem-solving and good application to them. I don't see that much wrong with this build. Maybe dropping the bass side of the TOM bridge back for easier compensation. Oops on the heel, but hey. F-holes....I would approach these using a router bushing set. Your Makita should be compatible with a generic Porter Cable set for a couple dozen bucks. Tight radii can be done that way if you make a custom template that incorporates a bushing offset.
  10. Giving it a go

    This happens a lot, I think. A person's first builds are often carried out with a set perspective based around high expectations which are not always in line with how it'll turn out. Problem is, it's rarely easy to get a handle on what is being done right, what is being done incorrectly and what needs practice until you have a little experience under your belt....and that often comes as a result of completing a less than satisfactory first build. A lot is always taken from first builds of course. Finding your bearings. You not have an excellent grounding point and set of experiences that will help you step up to a higher level with subsequent builds. Rather than regret anything from this build or any build (unless you spunked a crapload of cash on an expensive irreplaceable set of woods, which I see too often....and have done myself) just stick to the idea that you're on an uphill path. Instruments are a built using a large set of differing skills and knowledges rather than one skill of "instrument making". Things like cleanly-cut fret slots are one of those. I don't like the term "hitting the wall" and it implies an impassable limit. You know where you can improve, and that's more than a lot of builders who are satisfied with what they do. If you're going to glue your frets down, use something that can clamp them in place whilst the glue cures and be prepared for cleaning up squeezeout and excess from gravity. Getting the right amount for it to be effective and not a mess is a bit of a trick, especially if you use CA with a small time window to get it done and step back. Got to run to work....I hope this provides some encouragement any maybe a more positive perspective. Less hitting walls ;-)
  11. Misc stuff about life.This one goes to eleven...

    Why'd you even need a laser when plastic tubing and Pascal's law of communicating vessels is sufficient?
  12. Koa top LP Jr type build...

    Whoa, now that's definitely a looker. The tone of the Snakewood and the Koa tie up nicely. Would've loved to see more of the process....
  13. My Les Paul

    Totally. The last couple of months have been some high-level competition, so I'm glad that you re-entered this month. It's a guitar that you can be extremely proud of; people who've been building for many many years would have trouble pulling off something like your Les Paul. Congratulations!
  14. SG Respin

    It's quite easy. Just start by rollering on a thick primer.
  15. SG Respin

    Why? I think Brett would secretly love it.