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  1. Prostheta

    KEA 2017 builds

    The contrast in the reflections is far higher than in the figuring. I'm sure that it's a combination of lighting and maybe the camera fiddling with dynamic range, pulling down the contrast in the wood.
  2. Prostheta

    KEA 2017 builds

    What camera and lens are you using? Tripod?
  3. Prostheta

    ProjectGuitar.com CAD plans and the .DXF format

    Thanks for the tip. Things have moved along a fair way the last four years!
  4. Prostheta

    Misc Stuff about Life. Part XII

    I'm sure that you're not the only person in this boat, Mike so perhaps seeking advice from others who have fallen through the cracks might help. I wouldn't call it dirty laundry as such....more that the US healthcare system is grossly weighted against you, and that speaking out about it is something more people need to do to enact change. It's terrible on so many levels, especially given how affluent the US is as a country yet still doesn't provide social healthcare yet.
  5. Prostheta

    Black Limba Flying V

    I had a bit of input on that radius jig design, plus I added that a future revision could do with catering for wider boards. It's fantastic as it is though. Pricy, but delivers.
  6. Too late for a fair vote to be held unfortunately! Next month's entry should already be active. Sorry, thread should have been auto locked.
  7. Prostheta

    Classic Sakura

    Yeah, I've not figured you to give up before the gate Hoogle. As Scott says, let it be. The answer will be forthcoming.
  8. Prostheta

    First full build from scratch

    Exactly the same here. Control is better than dealing with dust after the fact. None of this changes routers habit of throwing prodigious amounts of waste everywhere when edge routing of course.
  9. Prostheta

    Bokchoi's Double Humbucker Tele

    I'm running without sound right now, and I'm sure the mobile devices will butcher the clips. Good to hear (or not?) you got it all up and running though!
  10. Prostheta

    Jem Lion's Claw Tutorial?

    Oh, success! Well I have that tutorial somewhere in the archives offline. I can't remember the quality or how the article was written up, however I'll see if I can dig it out and whether it's good to go back up. Cheers!
  11. Prostheta

    First full build from scratch

    I used to, but once I moved the workshop into the house I started to control the dust at the source.
  12. Prostheta

    Misc Stuff about Life. Part XII

    I couldn't agree more. That and swimming in lakes.
  13. Prostheta

    Misc Stuff about Life. Part XII

    You might quit drinking when you realise how shitty your whiskey is when that happens....?
  14. Prostheta

    Misc Stuff about Life. Part XII

    Drop the smoking. IMO it makes whisky far deeper with more to explore. I regained my senses of taste and smell pretty quickly.
  15. Prostheta

    BEER! What's in your fridge?

    You guys get through a crazy amount of beer! Nina and I have a nice weekend unwinding routine with a couple of bottles of Weston's Old Rosie cider (7,3%): https://www.alko.fi/en/products/770484/Westons-Old-Rosie-Cloudy-Cider ...then a glass of Erlenbacher Kayberg Riesling: https://www.alko.fi/en/products/509807/Erlenbacher-Kayberg-Riesling-2017 It's enough to get a mild buzz on, and great for relaxing in after a hard week at our jobs.
  16. Prostheta

    Misc Stuff about Life. Part XII

    Well, the weight thing certainly isn't going to happen if you quit smoking. That would be the first thing anyway I think. Swap out the smoking for something else. I quit on the spot using my infinite well of laziness rather than opting for the stupid method of using conscious effort. Having to "keep trying not to smoke" is for people who have too much time on their hands. I however decided to not bother smoking. Screw that. I can't be bothered to buy them or bum off a friend you know? Banning smoking in bars made a huge difference to making it easier, however I did have to break that mental connection of "a pint in one hand, a cigarette in the other". I had to re-learn how to drink all over again. Seriously, they don't tell you any of that. Haven't really been at a keyboard to do very much the last week. We're packing the house up ready for our move to Turku on the 6-7th October. Most things are boxed up, can't seem to make much headway on the workshop because I need to protect the fragiles, remember where the importants are and generally feel like I'm not saying goodbye to my guitar building stuff....not sure how long I'll be without a workshop at home, however I found out that I can use almost anything at my workplace for my own projects plus I might be able to get ahold of stock overages on a deal. I've seen a huge slab of Mahogany which I think would suit a nice Firebird or maybe an Aria Pro II style PE Les Paul....
  17. Prostheta

    Bokchoi's Double Humbucker Tele

    Nice! Shame about the weight, however a nice supportive strap should help with that of course. I've always been of the opinion that 50s style wiring works better in an LP (or whatever) than the modern variant. It makes the tone controls more reactive and usable rather than being "dumb". This article explains it better than I can, but not as good as your ears and fingers. https://www.seymourduncan.com/blog/tips-and-tricks/lespaulwiring
  18. Prostheta

    6 string roya

    Oh man, he would hate my multiscale project. The Kick-Ass is very nice. Perhaps a little more basic - even more so than the Bad Ass - but definitely your usual Hipshot quality coupled with a ton of mass and adjustability.
  19. Prostheta

    6 string roya

    Yikes, work is really getting in the way of me making timely responses! As much as I like Hipshot, I do think that their black finish leaves a lot to be desired. As far as Bad Ass bridges go, I got a gold 5-string Kick-Ass bridge from Hipshot for the Ricky. The only thing I don't like about it is the 1st string's intonation bolt sites on the opposite side of the saddle to the other four. It doesn't seem obvious as to why this would be necessary, but hey.
  20. Prostheta

    Hello. New to the site....No laughing please

    That's too cool. We've had a few 3/4 size instruments run through their builds over the last few years. The one that springs to mind took something in the order of ten years or so IIRC....?
  21. Prostheta

    Bokchoi's Double Humbucker Tele

    I've been watching this with interest over the last couple of weeks, but not really had chance to concoct a proper response what with being on mobile devices instead of a real keyboard. She looks like a real success, and that black stripe meeting up with the switch cover was pure serendipity. You're correct in that the bridge should be placed according to where the saddle witness points are in their maximum forward position. Intonation only ever needs to lengthen the string to compensate for bending notes sharp when fretting. If it intonates right now, that's what matters. Don't go opening a can of worms re-placing the bridge unless the look of the saddles in their current position or the tighter break angle over the saddles to the string through holes bother you that much. I think she's fantastic as she stands. The only thing that I think I would have done differently is to have slightly more defined transitions around the heel and volute. That's just me though, as I like those parts in sharper definition. Absolutely nothing wrong with it as it stands of course. So what's the thought process on the wiring so far? I reckon a vintage Les Paul style rather than the modern equivalent would be a nice fit. There's all manner of options open to you with a three-way and two-pots-per-pickup.
  22. You could build a pantograph at huge cost and make a bunch of 4:1 templates to reduced scaling and increase human tactile precision. Or do a rubbing.
  23. Prostheta

    JimF's First Build!

    Bummer about the modded headstock out of necessity, but that's progressing nicely by all accounts.
  24. Prostheta

    6 string roya

    Very much so. I'd chase it back up after the rest of the work is done to remove handling marks, and after all....cleanup sanding from 320+ doesn't reshape but certainly makes Maple look cleaner and reveals any flaws.
  25. Prostheta

    Bronze guitar

    I'm genuinely wondering what sort of contribution to the instrument's tone that bronze adds! Lightly-potted pickups would help make the structure sing more. At least, that's my first thought. Stunning application of what you're versed in, Benoit.