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  1. Same here. Last year you could whack trees with a stick and a huge thick cloud comes rolling off. Plays absolute hell with my own allergies.
  2. This is why we have kids.
  3. This is why plumbers exist. So we don't need to handle this bullshit.
  4. Not really. It just means that it's a good time to be doing it, and that your head is in gear.
  5. Bonus points for the dining table in shot!
  6. I see that your sandpaper is off either pitkänauhahiomakone or levyshiomakone? Abranet is far better :-)
  7. Are you still on the evening course doing this, Norris? Clearly you've been given excellent guidance and support throughout this that have helped lift your already excellent approach. The question is, how many more are you going to end up making before the end of the year when you transfer your habit across to the dining table and shed? ....he says, having done routing in the shower "once".
  8. She's a beast, that's for sure.
  9. Huh! Now that's new to me.
  10. Organisation isn't for everyone!
  11. Alrighty, ladies and gentlespoons.... @sdshirtman suggested that we have a rolling thread dedicated to what we're working on, what's on the bench and your general state of play! The rules are; No tidying up the work area or massaging it for photo opportunity; shoot it as-is! You don't have to shoot a photo on Saturday, however once a week, every week. Bonus points for feet in shot More points for shop cats or dogs Every once in a while we'll do a featured photo on the Facebook page or have a laugh about it on the YouTube channel!
  12. Try resizing. When I get home I'll see if I can find out what the error code means.
  13. If the images are too large it tends to do that. I can't post direct from my DSLRs SD card for example.
  14. That's the gamble though, but also the most rewarding payoff. Walnut is more "known" as a body wood in how it works, but still not something for everyone, I agree. Alder is simply "safe", so much so that a lot of people call it the perfect wood for a guitar. I'd agree with some of the points made in that one, however what Alder can't do is where some of the more characterful woods can be played. Bright can be difficult. I have a 5-string bass which is very loud and bright acoustically which needs a bit of dialling back. Still, better than trying to dial IN what isn't there....
  15. What I can I's a very old community site, and unfriendly doesn't work for 15yrs.
  16. Its been a while....yes! That looks damn sweet. Simple and flattering to the Redwood. So how's she settling in as a player?
  17. Coming along very nicely for anybody new to building! Welcome onboard.
  18. I kind of understand how that effect is done, however I guess that there is more to it than meets the eye in getting it right....? Do tell.
  19. Les Claypool's old Carl Thompson 4-string Walnut bass is a piccolo. 32" scale, if I recall however I don't think it has ever been strung as a piccolo bass.
  20. Heading for the finish line (no joke intended) are we?
  21. I love unconventional. If it's adequately thought-out, works within set parameters, etc. then there's no reason it can't become conventional.
  22. Nice DW735. Been considering that as a longer-term upgrade after I look access to the school gear.
  23. Do you guys know if there is any sort of advice on the beer forums or anything? I don't frequent them, so it's difficult to know where to ask the question.
  24. As long as that condition isn't liable to get one of us committed or medicated.
  25. Do you guys know if it's legal to send beer through the post from the EU to the US? I'd happily ping you a couple of bottles @ScottR if you'd then forward one on to @Mr Natural....thing is, I think postage would be something like €13,10 and each bottle is a hair under €5 each. Far less than what you'll be paying on what's on the table, right? We're going dirty tonight after a hard day's cabinet making work. Couple of cans of pissy Tuborg over dinner (steamed green beans, broccoli and carrots with oven-baked juniper berry and pepper salmon) with a big bottle of small beer for sauna (2,5% ABV kotikalja). We'll settle for the evening with a movie and a couple of Spitfires. The Gold is pretty simple but satisfying, but that's how I like them. When I need that refreshing "reward", a Saaz-hopped pale ale or pilsner always wins.