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  1. Limba 6 Multiscale Filter'Tron

    Now that's a new way of doing it! I usually sink holes into the surround and cover, epoxy magnets onto the cover and either use magnets in the body also, or machine bolts in threaded inserts....
  2. Wood Selection (or usage)

    That's the general idea. I wasn't sure what equipment you had available. It's a big cut and given the valuable nature of the wood, worth buying a fresh blade for.
  3. Limba 6 Multiscale Filter'Tron

    It might well be that Odie's Oil can be mixed with a varnish to make a building oil or wiping oil varnish of sorts. You would of course have to refer to the manufacturer for suggestions in that regard. It would remove some of the benefits, such as it being food safe, shelf life and the like, but a good question to ask even for reference and understanding.
  4. Kemp Guitars UK Build Thread #2

    I feel a GOTM entry coming on?
  5. First full build from scratch

    I don't tend to glue fretwire in, however loose frets will never seat correctly without it. Just take care to clean up any squeezeout whilst it's still wet. Pre-cut wire isn't something I use either, for reasons of sizing, economy and re-radiusing. If you want to re-radius wire, cut a slot in a radiused piece of wood (one radius size smaller than you need) and make it deliberately loose. Enough so that you can remove the fret. Tap it with a fret hammer and form the radius that way. Not ideal, but the only way that springs to mind on re-radiusing short pieces of wire. Not as wide as your board? That's strange....which wire did you buy, and what's your board width?
  6. Second Build: Offset Tele

    Sure will! I've been proofing some of the techniques before I demonstrate them, so as you can understand that takes double the time and investment. No wonder I'm not at coffee grinder level yet!
  7. Second Build: Offset Tele

    No audio interface I'm afraid....the best purchase I can find would be a Line6 Helix LT. I need a lot of high-quality tones for demo'ing instrument adequately, and it ticks all of the boxes. You're right about most people not being able to tell the difference, however once they SEE the setup or you tell them, of course they can tell the difference and yeah, they'll tell you alright. Anyway. It's about time I got to work on my own Teles. If only those magnets would appear so I didn't keep dropping the GoPro on the bench....
  8. Second Build: Offset Tele

    True, and shellac is food safe if you want to re-use it! My shellac would end up smelling of pepper and juniper from my favourite salmon seasoning. £15 is £15. I have so many things I need to buy as a matter of priority, especially some kind of modelling amp since I now have absolutely zero playing and recording gear after my last one died. It's so rare that I need to mix up shellac that I think I can live without the luxury of a grinder for a little longer! I've never tried the Liberon stuff, however I've been curious about their "button polish" which seems to be garnet shellac with black pigment. At least, a good equivalent mix one can make from garnet flake.
  9. Second Build: Offset Tele

    Especially not here....products can sit on shelves for long periods of time, and shellac has a very limited window for efficacy. I threw away a small batch I mixed up in June 2016, which goes to show just how important marking these up is! I've been in the market for a small coffee grinder to dust my shellac for a while now....
  10. Second Build: Offset Tele

    I suspect that this subject would be of interest to @ScottR and @Andyjr1515 also....
  11. Second Build: Offset Tele

    Marc tests both waxed and dewaxed. I suspect that dewaxed isn't as wax-free as a good super-blonde shellac from flake. That might be the reason. The comments section contains a lot of useful information to feed through your critical thinking processes. The most important points are the differences between off-the-shelf tinned shellac (both waxed and dewaxed) and the different flake shellacs. For my own part, I prefer very dilute shellac for light stopping up of grain. Less than the 2lb Marc uses here.
  12. Second Build: Offset Tele

    Difficult to say. The demonstration by The Wood Whisperer (Marc Spagnuolo) is using a tinned shellac by Zinsser:
  13. Second Build: Offset Tele

    Well that's it. Neither have I other than people mentioning incompatibility and then demonstrating....none. Spraying a guitar with 2K isn't too bad. Just don't sit with it whilst it dries! Splash n' go. The colour I chose was on a Nissan X-Trail I saw in the supermarket car park. The metal flakes in there are a nice mix and just work really well. The other choice was a golden-y white that I'd seen on a Subaru chip in the local PPG distro.
  14. cnc rebuild

    It does, doesn't it? This week we discovered all of the dirty secrets that our former employee left us. Like a spray gun jammed up with catalysed paint. And another one jammed full of water-based paint. Then six months worth of work where we suspect that he'd been using up to ten times the manufacturer's recommendation for acid catalyst. Shit happens. It really shouldn't though.
  15. Osorio - The four years gap

    Wow, agreed on all counts. That's a very novel use of the Hannes bridge also! Only one entry got GOTM though! haha
  16. Alrighty, ladies and gentlespoons.... @sdshirtman suggested that we have a rolling thread dedicated to what we're working on, what's on the bench and your general state of play! The rules are; No tidying up the work area or massaging it for photo opportunity; shoot it as-is! You don't have to shoot a photo on Saturday, however once a week, every week. Bonus points for feet in shot More points for shop cats or dogs Every once in a while we'll do a featured photo on the Facebook page or have a laugh about it on the YouTube channel!
  17. Second Build: Offset Tele

    A few people have complained about compatibility with poly over shellac in woodworking forums. The Wood Whisperer on YouTube did testes which showed no apparent issues. It's difficult to tell, however I've never seen specific cases of problems. 2K isn't bad, but definitely not one to make a habit of using without protective gear. I couldn't recommend not using full eye, skin and respiratory though. It'd be irresponsible since any level of exposure is always "not good"! I think it's great as an easy finish though. Once we construct the booth at work, I want to use it more. http://www.projectguitar.com/gallery/album/73-lumi-custom-1951-5-p-bass/
  18. Second Build: Offset Tele

    It's what I'd do, whether it's right or wrong. Shellac is a nice simple base for (almost) anything, so to me it feels like covering your bases. If you don't have any shellac on hand, it might be simpler to go ahead with the schedule you had in mind. Shellac's pretty cheap and simple to use, so hell, why not. I've always found it great to work off for a number of things. The build I was referring to is the '51 P-Bass. The primer and 2K laid on really nicely. Probably just as well as they would have done otherwise, perhaps. It's difficult to say without A/Bing them.
  19. Second Build: Offset Tele

    I would just give it a light wash of 1-1/2lb cut shellac. Something light to stop up the wood. Whilst finish will not sink into fine-grained closed pore wood, it'll certainly drink it up. I did this on an Alder body, which is similar to Poplar in a fair few ways. It saved me a lot of work priming and painting.
  20. Guitars and Numbers

    I've spent a few hours thinking about this before replying. I keep typing a paragraph and then deleting it. I am sure that you have thought about the variables and potential for them causing exponential increases. You definitely go through a lot of strings!
  21. Good idea Scott. I'd go with that also. Doesn't hurt to try.
  22. Pariahrob's build log

    Wow! I got the email notifier and saw Scott's comment about Maple/Wengé and figured it would be quarter-inch type laminates....not that monster! It'll have a nice defined bottom end to it, that's for sure. It's great for clarifying the muddiness of woods like Mahoganies/African "Mahoganies" and adding more balance to Maple. I'm sure that's going to sound great right off the bat.
  23. Limba 6 Multiscale Filter'Tron

    This is the basis of the conversation we had. It's just strange....
  24. Misc stuff about life.This one goes to eleven...

    I guess that it's bad enough that we fuck with you, never mind your own head doing a number on you eh?
  25. Limba 6 Multiscale Filter'Tron

    The ever-fantastic Paul over at Hobbit House said that he figured out what it was, then forgot. The best he can remember was that it has "something to do with either banded parenchyma or numerous evenly spaced tiny rays. Zebrawood does not have banded parenchyma but does have evenly spaced tiny rays, but I do not now see how they could lead to this characteristic." It's a very distinctive and unique feature which a few woods seem to exhibit. I myself can't see a single determining factor either. Paul thinks that it is something ridiculously obvious but obviously forgettable as it seems!