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  1. Prostheta

    Misc Stuff about Life. Part XII

    I'd imagine that crapping your pants and performing your work duties are mutually exclusive? Well done you! Seriously though. Having your gall bladder removed is seen as being mostly impact-free, however my sister developed IBS plus Nina is more sensitive than usual to indoor air quality. The subtle differences are far better than constantly crippling pain of course. I guess it's just a case of incorporating this new normal into your life.
  2. Prostheta

    Four new rockers are coming to life

    Wow, now that's a nice guitar! One I'd certainly get along with very well. That's a material and hardware spec that speaks to me. Nice. Going to GOTM her?
  3. Prostheta

    Komodo's Metal Tele

    Yeah, I've had some brown-trouser moments when sending embers up into the high-speed high-volume air extraction full of oxygen and fuel. Mmmm. Splosive.
  4. Prostheta

    Bronze guitar

    Wow, so much yes in this one.
  5. Prostheta

    Bokchoi's Double Humbucker Tele

    Agreed! My eye was drawn to that also.
  6. Prostheta

    anyone use a radius jig?

    It's only good if it helps!
  7. Prostheta

    anyone use a radius jig?

    Totally. I actually think that using longer beams can be just as difficult as shorter ones, especially when it comes to ensuring even downpressure over the contact area and not to one end. It's tedious as hell, but try doing single strokes in one direction only. That upped my feel for the tool.
  8. Prostheta

    Komodo's Metal Tele

    Are you getting to it yet?
  9. Your guitars raise the urge in me to acquire a beer for "comparison purposes".
  10. Prostheta

    anyone use a radius jig?

    You'd be surprised at some of the obvious things you miss that suddenly improve your technique. Concentrating on where you apply pressure, whether you're bending the beam or the workpiece, uneven contact, you know. A router jig will do it, I guess that I was pointing out that it doesn't need to be overengineered (hard for me to say this, I know) in order to be effective.
  11. Prostheta

    Misc Stuff about Life. Part XII

    The post-op infection explosion of pus was interesting. That and it has made my habanero enchiladas more of a lottery as to how far you can venture from the relative safety of home or perhaps a bush.
  12. Prostheta

    anyone use a radius jig?

    It should be if the body is straight down its length. That said, there are an infinite number of ways to screw up simple procedures. Ask me how I know this.
  13. Prostheta

    Misc Stuff about Life. Part XII

    Nina had 27 stones in there. That doesn't sound pleasant.
  14. I agree. Your guitars these days are so very very wrong. Borderline illegally nice.
  15. Prostheta

    anyone use a radius jig?

    Thanks, I've been a little indisposed and unable to spend a lot of good time online recently. I agree that the experience of being able to design and make a jig is invaluable. Throwing tools at a problem rarely solves it, since the understanding of how a solution is reached ends up side-stepped. A body doesn't need to be perfect from a geometric point of view compared to a fingerboard. I'd be tempted to elect for planing facets roughly, and just using some sort of flexible plastic bent into the radius required with strengthening to keep it in the shape. Then use 80 grit sandpaper on the inside surface to get the body into the right radius. To me that seems easier than going to the lengths of making a rail and sled type system.
  16. Prostheta

    Misc Stuff about Life. Part XII

    Definitely. Both Nina and my sister have had theirs removed and it improved their apparent health a lot.
  17. Prostheta

    SG Respin

    Cleanup on aisle 4.
  18. Prostheta

    Hello. New to the site....No laughing please

    Not sure what it is, however I am piqued.
  19. Prostheta

    Types of wires and how/when to use them properly!

    In general I think that all different types of wire have their uses around a guitar. Anything that might move or flex needs to be multicore, anything that carries a signal should ideally be carried by a screened/braided wire. Solid core has its place. I use this for configuring switches where jumpers are required, sometimes even to the point of using clipped resistor/capacitor leads to make hand-bent "staple" jumpers. Thicker solid core (think, valve amp earthing) can also be used for tying pot cases together by forming thick busses. I've done circuits that are enclosed in solid copper tape as a Faraday cage to reduce clutter from too many earth braids and done simple single multicore point to point rather than braided with inner conductor. All in all I think most things have their use. I would say about #1 that it isn't as good as a proper braid with an inner conductor. Maybe for non-critical things or electronics in metal-cased pedals. Meh.
  20. Objective: Modify a tone control so that it only affects the neck pickup rather than the entire circuit. Since I'm currently stuck in the position of not being able to advance any major projects, I figured that I'd look at simpler ones I've had on my mind for a while. Anybody that's chatted with me for any length of time will know how much I absolutely gush over my 2001 Ibanez S1540FM. I could take or leave that single coil and positions 2-4 of the 5-way, however ripping it out and putting a 3-way switch in is something I'm not prepared to consider right now. I'd rather wait until I can build my ideal HH Saber with a wraparound sometime in the future. The sound I get from dialling down the tone on the neck SD '59 pickup is sublime. Tubular, smooth and really carries woodiness rather than a dulled empty tone. Leaving the tone control dialled in to what I like for the neck so I can switch in from (say) the bridge straight to my neck tone would be sweet. Circuit: Under the hood we have a pretty standard Ibanez circuit for an HSH/VT/5-way circuit. Proposal: The alteration as I see it is a simple one; moving the wire connecting the signal tap of the tone control on the volume pot and attaching it directly to the "hot" (north coil start) red wire of the neck pickup. Since my neck pickup isn't a DiMarzio any more, the corresponding wire colour for an SD is black rather than red. I'll check this out in the instrument itself for the second post. Potential Problem(s): On a simple level this should work nicely, however it may affect position 4 unless the tone is brought "out of circuit" from the north coil since only the middle and single coils are switched in. I think it'll be quicker to just try it than to think it through. My brain is crap anyway. So, let's see what we actually have under the hood. Quite likely, @curtisa will call me an overthinker or tell me exactly where I'm going wrong. Unless what I'm proposing is correct, which I would expect is unlikely.
  21. Prostheta

    Modifying Ibanez HSH/VT/5-way's tone control

    Okay, so I de-soldered the white wire where it met the volume pot and brought this over to the switch wafer where the black (north start) wire is soldered. I didn't like how this wire was soldered in, because it looked lazy to me. Positions 4 and 5 were bridged with a solder blob with the wire jumping the two. This can be better. Each of the four pole and ways on the VLX91 switch have two soldering points on each pad, so I de-soldered the black wire with some fluxed copper braid and cleaned the pads of excess solder, crafted a small solid wire "staple" jumper and soldered this over positions 4 and 5 in the outer points. The black and white wires were then soldered into the remaining two holes. Far neater. In test this works what I *think* is correctly. It's difficult to tell, so I'm going to draw out the switching of the circuit in positions 1 and 5. I believe that it is electronically-valid without any additional load or other weirdnesses having been introduced.
  22. Prostheta

    anyone use a radius jig?

    It's very difficult to bend in a useful curve against the grain where the wood is weakest. Fender did a similar thing for pre-radiusing fingerboards in the (70s?) where the top and lower portions of the wood and the corresponding face of the neck were milled to specific radii, allowing for "veneer" fingerboards. I might be a little hazy on that one, however I don't believe that they bent the boards and actually milled them. I love G&W's jig. It's durable and will last through many many router fitting/removals and the stuff that wears out plywood jigs. All I needed for it was a baseboard with a midsection matching the cutout in the jig base. Very happy with it. Shame the additional radii are costly investments, but they pay for themselves in the end result even if you don't build in quantities.
  23. Prostheta

    Misc Stuff about Life. Part XII

    True that. A guitar that speaks to you often has more to say.
  24. Prostheta

    Bent side ES style

    Oh no, of course not. Gather the shell progressively, piece together the parts and base it around that. It also gives you opportunity to improve your game. Sharper, tighter and more refined.
  25. Prostheta

    Modifying Ibanez HSH/VT/5-way's tone control

    This reminds me of how deeply I dislike HSH setups. I'm half-tempted to rip out the single as an act of revenge.