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    Guitarist by trade but also write for picture.<br />Have a modest collection of guitars (in order of preference):<br />Strat Plus 96 with Lace Sensors, rolling nut, etc<br />Jackson Fusion 93 with BL500, Lace Sensor and SD 59<br />GuitarGuitar (strat style) 94 (first guitar)<br />Epiphone Special 01<br />Dean ML 99<br />Yamaha shitty acoustic 96<br />Peavey circus 5 (not American) 00<br />4 string bass<br />Mandolin that I can't play
  1. Hello, this happens to be my first post although I've observed this message board for quite a while. My second album Follow up Treatment is available from a few places in the UK (you can see which ones, read reviews and of course listen at Devote Records ) but only CD BABY (lots more samples to hear) in America. Not really many guitars on it, although I'm sure my custom 'guitarguitar' got on there somewhere. It's DIY electro of sorts, enjoy! Dan
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