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  1. buy this book Melvyn Hiscock's "Building Your Own Electric Guitar" there is alot of info in this book. as for buying wood I buy my wood all over the place if I see a good piece buy it before it's goone. the whole guitar building thing is cool and the more you build the better you will get at it.
  2. if it still cuts you should be good to go. just take small cuts if your using a high speed steel bit what might have happened is the metal heated up and it may have taken some of the hardness out of the steel bit. you might notice it getting dull faster. if this is a carbide tip then you should have no trouble.
  3. just awesome I worked for 4 years at a lumber yard on a planer working with hard woods like maple walnut mahogany what ever needed. I never seen this done thanks for showing all of us. I look forward to seeing more progress
  4. angle the neck tenon. I used a small hand plane and the edge sander it turned out fine. be sure you mark out the angle you want with a protrator.
  5. I would stay with 3 pieces as the choice of wood I would go with maple or a combination of maple and walnut.I'm not sure using oak for the body will give you a good tone.
  6. Melvyn Hiscock's "Build Your Own Electric Guitar book has so much info. read through the book you will see it goes step by step vary good to have. if you have the cad drawing can you print this out on papaer then glue it to ply wood whitch will be your trmplate for the guitar. start with the body and go from there.
  7. I trhink that would be cool. use quartersawn would be a good thing. do you know how to glue flat sawn wood to make it into a quartersawn neck.
  8. are you spraying inside or out side. if you spray out side bring insde and let dry after each coat of finish. you need to hang it to dry use the neck to hold onto when you spray the body when the body is dry then switch and hold the body to spray the neck. be sure your spray gun is clean well. I say this because it happened to me using a dirty gun. remeber to spray fininsh on a scrap wood first to get the hang of how your gun is working. stew mac has some nice stains to add to your finish that will make them a solid color please check them out. take your time
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