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    my family, computers, guitars, music, miniature things, movies where stuff gets blown up.
  1. I don't remember exactly - more than $200 but less than $300 - let's call it $250.
  2. The body was hand painted by my mother. A few more pictures: http://www.hackolutions.com/seuss/seuss%20010.jpg http://www.hackolutions.com/seuss/seuss%20013.jpg http://www.hackolutions.com/seuss/seuss%20015.jpg http://www.hackolutions.com/seuss/seuss%20018.jpg The neck and body are from USA Custom Guitars. The clear coat on the neck and body were done by Roxy Guitar Finish. The bridge, tuners, pots, and most other hardware except pickups are from Warmoth. The two humbucker sized pickups are TV'Trons direct from TV Jones. The middle pickup is a Dimarzio HS-3 and I got it and the gold cover from universaljems.com. The HS-3 pickup ring came from stewmac.com.
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