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  1. I'm building a guitar with a painted neck, and I'm worried about the transition between the neck and fretboard. I've done it (read: failed at it) a couple times before and had a fairly substantial ridge running along the neck where the masking tape was. This time I'm thinking about doing the base color, and throw on one coat of clear, and then remove the masking, gently sand the ridge, then mask only the front face of the fretboard and then clear the neck. Does anyone have any input on this? How do the 'pro's' do it? Any input would be much appreciated!
  2. Hey. I bought a couple 81c's to have have around in need when budget wasn't that kind to me. I never received any wiring diagram or their 'basic wiring instructions' so I have nothing but a guess as to what the wires from the pup are. I made a picture and I was hoping that some kind soul could confirm for me if I'm on the right track here, or help me out if I'm totally at a loss. Thank you!
  3. I'll have a go at your suggestion tomorrow, getting close to modnight here now. I'm a bit surprised that I have problems witht tho, the pot was working fine 'last round' when I had problems with the Jack output, which is working fine now it seems. I don't have a working multimeter at the moment, but I'm planning to get one asap..
  4. Been hooking this up now, and still some stuff puzzles me. I have switched tip and ring connections, so the Jack output seems to be working just fine now. The volume however does not work.. There is a difference between say '10' and '6'. Volume is louder at '10' but from '6' and down nothing happens.. meaning that the volume pot doesn't cut the volume fully. I have no idea why this happens, it seems to me that my solders are pretty okay. I'm far from good with the soldering iron, but totally crappy I'm not.. Curtisa, thank you very very much for your advice!! Any input again would be greatly appreciated!!
  5. I still have some problems with this. I had a look at one of my Jacksons, the RR24 has the exact same setup as I need. Unfortunately I was not able to look at the jack output, cause it seemed that the wires were short and I didn't wanna put too much force pulling it out. I made this drawing tho from how I could understand what was going on. Mainly I would like some confirmation that I'm correct here. Specially on the jack output.. Thanks!!
  6. Hey! Been a very long time since I have been posting anything here. Some years ago I did a few guitars, but I had to move to another house that was in pretty bad condition. Finally a little while ago I got my basement set up so that I could finally get back to building guitars again, and now I'm kinda in the finishing phase of the first one... But I have some trouble... I have been using this wire diagram, but I'm using an EMG-81 instead of Seymore Duncan. The older kind of EMG without the 'plug', just red wire and a white one with braiding. This is what I'm left with: I have a stereo output Jack. When I push the Jack in all the way I have no sound. When it's just 'half way' (that is, to the first point where the jack get 'stuck') I have sound. The volume potmeter doesn't work. I'm not good with electronics unfortunately. I have followed this schematic, but with tiny alterations. What I did was solder the braided wire of the white wire from the EMG to the ground of the potmeter. There is no ground coming from the bridge. (since it is and EMG hb I didn't think that I would need that) The volume potmeter could be faulty, I can't find any other reason why it shouldn't work, it's soldered ok I think and the wires are in the correct places. (at least according to this schematic). Any input would be greatly appreciated.. I hope to use this guitar at a gig in a couple weeks and I'm getting a lil desperate.. cheers, and happy new year to you all, and DAAAANG it feels good to be building again, even with problems..
  7. Where did all the pics go??? I miss this guitar!!
  8. Seems to work fine in Opera. However I tried to add a vote, the first time I ever did so, and I got a pop up saying I had used my quota of votes.. :|
  9. Neck angle depends on what kinda bridge you are thinking of. TOM needs neck angle unless you recess it, same goes for Floyd Rose..
  10. That inlay is in the perfect spot I think! Looks totally awesome! Congratz!
  11. Or you could just sand them to the shape you need....
  12. Hey man. You'll find, well, not templates, but drawings for a V at www.guitarbuild.com Good luck!!
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