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  1. i have sipo mahogany, bubinga, rock maple and ebony for my neck thru project. plus it is going to be a baritone. i have put all these woods together and they way a lot, i am talking like 4-5kg. on average, how much do neck thru guitars weigh?
  2. are you going to do natural binding around the drop top on the body?
  3. just a few questions: 1.) i am building a neck-thru with a tune-o-matic bridge, i will need a neck angle right? 2.) are carbon rods necessary on a quartersawn 3 piece laminate neck-thru guitar? if so, what is the best way to install them? 3.) do you need dowels or biscuits between the joining of the wings to the body? answered questions will be greatly appreciated.
  4. wow dudes, they are all so beautiful. the hardest thing is, which one am i going to vote for? it's like voting for miss universe.
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