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  1. for real?!?! whenever the grime becomes bothersome... you could leave it dirty.. forever...
  2. one thing im curious about, what if you had a figured top that would cover the neck lams? should you just carve the angle out of the blank, or do something like what you did?
  3. +1 on lining it up first, my pin is at a weird angle and I have to do some pressing to get it into the slot.. my next Jig will be much nicer, but this one works...
  4. hahaha my project will be called building on a budget.. luthiery without loans
  5. What I plan on doing is using a small tripod and setting it on a shelf looking down on my table. I might rotate the video so it looks right, but whenever I move Im dragging the camera with me and pointing it. im also planning on using a cheap digital recorder with a detached mic to record my voice, that way basic shop noise wont get in the way.
  6. John, I'll be doing a simmilar thing, but mainly using youtube to host my vids. I also have a large ammount of space availible(3GB) but I think I like the exposure YT brings. and my blog/design company will use that space I'll send you a copy of every vid I make, and also will put it on my own blog. I'll start the tut vids in jan.
  7. I love your guitars, even this one.. but I liked others more..
  8. brian, FWW the main thread doesnt have the link to this one like normal.
  9. i like rashins, but I see not having a finish become a problem later..
  10. ha! yeah I read all of your thread... my issue is the fact that im starting this weekend, i want to be done with the body and neck by the end of september or early october.. Then Ill experiment and start finishing.. But I move the 3d week of December to Texas... and I want to have it cured by then.. eek. allthough my area is much smaller(just the pickguard will have this much depth.. maybe the neck) the rest will be a stained laq finish over swamp ash..
  11. seven months?!? jesus.. I ment "3d" because no matter how I take pictures, that "3d" look to some flamed maple never comes out in pictures like it does in person. awesome finish though..
  12. thats the exact color I want for my pick guard. let me get this straight, you did a red/blackish stain sanded it back so it was just in the grain, then individual coats of red/brown/yellow? im confused.. have a reall 3D view to it?
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