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  1. for real?!?! whenever the grime becomes bothersome... you could leave it dirty.. forever...
  2. I think the biggest thing was that they were available.. maybe I haven't noticed, but PG's main page hasnt been updated in a long while. I think if you just put your tutorials up, and updated it whenever you felt like it, it would work out ok. I know thats how setch does it.. now if theres a cost/benifit ratio to running the website I could see that as well. I have a crazy amount of space and bandwidth that I dont use, and if you wanted, I could let you have space and it would simply show your website name, but be on the same server as mine. I use the space to hold all my files, pictures, etc. I may someday redo it for what it was inteded, but at this point I dont think I will.
  3. +1 on lining it up first, my pin is at a weird angle and I have to do some pressing to get it into the slot.. my next Jig will be much nicer, but this one works...
  4. hahaha my project will be called building on a budget.. luthiery without loans
  5. What I plan on doing is using a small tripod and setting it on a shelf looking down on my table. I might rotate the video so it looks right, but whenever I move Im dragging the camera with me and pointing it. im also planning on using a cheap digital recorder with a detached mic to record my voice, that way basic shop noise wont get in the way.
  6. John, I'll be doing a simmilar thing, but mainly using youtube to host my vids. I also have a large ammount of space availible(3GB) but I think I like the exposure YT brings. and my blog/design company will use that space I'll send you a copy of every vid I make, and also will put it on my own blog. I'll start the tut vids in jan.
  7. I love your guitars, even this one.. but I liked others more..
  8. brian, FWW the main thread doesnt have the link to this one like normal.
  9. oh I will have that server for a long time. if it comes down to it I'd let everyone know prior. but I allready have 2 years paid for, and I love having private space.. so Ill have it for a while.
  10. Awesome, I'll leave that up for as long as I can pay $150 a year(I allready have 2 years paid) so... I may add a disclaimer on the home page to give credit, and show that I'm just a host, and that you saved it from the depths..
  11. its more then 12 though... I got your PM, what time are you usually on?
  12. i like rashins, but I see not having a finish become a problem later..
  13. The editted version has now repalced the 'wall'o'text' in the first message. Thanks for the edit!
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