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  1. I don't imagine the inlay will get in the way. You won't get many reply's here. The main "Inlay and Finishing chat" is where you should post this. You might ask one of the mods to move it to the correct thread via PM or Email. Oh yeah! welcome to the PG forum.
  2. Sand paper will work if all else fails. Post some pics to give a better idea of what is going on.
  3. Good work on all the entries, but unfortunately someone has to win so I say TSL! Love that spalt.
  4. Hi, my name is Wes and I'm an alcholic.. Oh sorry wrong forum. No really I don't drink. But I do work on guitars from band members and other friends. I have had so many different guitars it was easier for me to work on them than it was to take them in for repairs. I am 47, and have been playing 26 years now and been repairing and building guitars for 7 years. I was lucky to have a good teacher. Lynn Ellsworth who started Boogie Bodies guitars. He was the first authorized Fender replacement parts builder. He split up with a man named Warmoth who a lot of you have heard about (Warmoth Guitars) and also Wayne Charvel of Charvel/Jackson guitars. I learned a lot while working there part time (for free). But I did get one fantastic guitar out of the deal. I built a strat body out of claro walnut with a cocobolo neck and fret board. I currently am working on a caribburst fretless "P"bass. I am by no means professional, but it is pretty much the only work I do. Also I play bass in a nameless blues/rockabilly band. 14 years, we have played without a name. It has to be some sort of record. I spend a fair amount of time here in the forum. If I ever post information it is because I have some knowledge on that subject (except the slam thread on which I just make stuff up).
  5. Good work! Looks great. I imagine the teak will make a very bright sounding neck??
  6. Lex or Morben! Lex or Morben! Lex or Morben! Lex or Morben! Lex or Morben! I am undecided! Being a bass player I had to vote for Lex, but Morbens guitar has a hold on me. So I'm not telling who I voted for.
  7. CANUKGUITARIST "Wesley is GODDD to me!!!!" I resemble that remark.
  8. I agree! I felt like with all the other great guitars mine wouldn't get any votes, except my own. WOOOHOOO!
  9. Well, at least i'll get one vote. If I didn't vote for mine I'd have to go with Lex's Tele.
  10. Here are the new pics of my cloth covered Stratocopy. The cloth has embedded metal in it, causing the flash to pick up as dots. Sorry for the large pics. Just trying to show detail of the cloth. The body is mahogany, with a maple on rosewood neck. Series/parallel switch. Top tone pot is wired so tone is available in the neck pickup.
  11. I think I'm embarrassed. My strat doesn't even hold a unlit candle to those dratted teles. They are both excellent. Maybe next time.
  12. I would like to enter this cloth top. Iwill post better pics soon.
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