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  1. i hope to have mine on here for february 04. Ibanez JPM body Wizard-esque neck Jackson 3+3 headstock and some kewl flame/curl/quilt veneer on both body and headstock
  2. Jackson JT500 Floyd Rose off a Jackson PS4. Accurate, in as much as I printed it out and it fit A-96 B-73 c-74 d-72 e-37 f-28 The area around the pivot screws is 7mm deep The rest is 10mm deep I'll post an ACAD in a little while. http://home.rgv.rr.com/kingv1474/jt500floyd.dwg I'll add the nut that i have onto it later.
  3. heres a small one. Its not a major company or anything Rampart Guitars (I was gonna order a guitar from them earlier this year, decided against it). http://www.rampartguitars.com./inthe%20Shop.htm
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