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  1. I am sure this aint Draks first rodeo
  2. When I first saw Batfinks that was it for me ( yeah I am an old 80's guy) but then came along the "shark" and pulled me under. I would come up for a breath of air and had that gold beauty in my eyes and then the shark pulled me under again. It was a constant battle but the damn shark finally won.
  3. I had to go with Hooglebug on this one, I am huge fan of LP's and especially a fan of the blue, but I have been watching Hooglebugs and really like how it came out.
  4. I would guess that its not available because it was posted almost 3 years ago.
  5. I need to try bending wood binding again with a bending iron. I tried using a hair dryer after running the strips through hot water and ended in failure. everything bent fine all the way around the tele body until I reached the lower horn and it just snapped.
  6. Oh yeah I should have mentioned it was on piece of poplar
  7. Yep, I just made a pickup template that extends to the back of the guitar and with the tape further back it didnt slip last night.
  8. I use carpet tape and noticed it moves, maybe a bigger template that can be clamped with enough room to route.
  9. I should get a commission because I post this link so often. http://www.guitarplansunlimited.com/
  10. Here is the plans for the body template http://www.guitarplansunlimited.com/Body%20Templates.htm
  11. I dont know, I donated $20 I think. But all the information I have learned from this site is worth way more than that. I will also be donating again just because this place is worth it.
  12. That has nothing to do with guitars.
  13. Make a donation and wait for access.
  14. I bought a couple of plans from this place, and they have the Razorback body template. http://www.guitarplansunlimited.com/Body%20Templates.htm
  15. I used my drill press but I dont want to damage it thats why I was thinking about the press. But I actually liked hammering them in also.
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