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  1. Wow! I didn't know that this was here...& I'll never think of MiKro the same again (I was sure that you were a teenager!). My name is Steve Bjorck, I'll be 31 in 10 days & I live in the UK's most easterly town - Lowestoft, which has been responsible for The Darkness, Catherine Wheel, "A" & Radio 1's Tim Westwood! I live with my girlfriend of nearly 10yrs Natalie (we've been together 10 years, that's not her age) & our pets, a rabbit, 3 guinea pigs & a tortoise. I run a 3d visualisation business, Eggbox Studios, from my home office & have been self employed now for about 3 months. It was a bit scarey to start with but I made more money on my first job (which lasted 4 days) than I did each month in my last job so I'm much happier now Previous work has included various 3d/graphics/design jobs over the last 7 years, before that I was making furniture & bespoke kitchens. I've probably learnt more about wood working from this site than any of my time doing it as a job. Most of the cabinet making jobs were so automated that it was like assembling something from IKEA...in fact the joints were purposely made loose so that they could be assembled faster! I'm about to rejoin my old band after 9 years (notice the connection with how long I've been with my girlfriend ) which I'm quite excited about. During my time with them we played a lot on the London circuit, round Europe, had radio play & discussed big things with major labels but I couldn't get the other guys to move up a gear. Things have changed a lot now, we're all older, demo tapes have been replaced by CD's which have been replaced by MP3's & for the price of 3 days in a studio you can buy a laptop with protools. My musical influences are varied & often quite odd. I grew up on a mixture of glam (T-Rex, Sweet, Slade etc), disco & Cliff Richard. I got into playing guitar at 14 when I was listening to Poison, Metallica, Faith No More, Billy Joel & Jean Michell Jarre. My music collection now includes SOAD, RATM, Sepultura, Elvis Costello, Talking Heads, Johnny Cash, Dolly Parton, Chemical Brothers, Prodigy, Primus, various Jazz & ambient & all things in between. I've never had any guitar lessons & I've been both praised & scourned for not playing like a normal guitarist. I'll happily play just one note in an entire song if that's all that's needed or make a godawful racket in a ballad...whatever makes the song better. Johnny Greenwood has a lot to answer for! My favourite guitar project is my blue semi. It still isn't finished, partly because I've been so busy but also because I've had it in my mind for so long that I need to get it just right. I've also built a similar shaped, all mahogany, twin humbucker guitar with steel face plate, sprayed with various primer colours & sanded through. My first project "Aloha" is based on a surf guitar concept with a few modern twists, tele neck p-up, DeArmond 2K at the bridge & MXR EQ built in. I've got quite a few spare's & off-cuts, the next project will either be a shortscale for my girlfriend's niece or a banjo...I've had a damaged one for years which I rescued from an Irish pub that we played at. I've got a large'ish shed to work in but I also share it with my tortoise so I need to be careful what I do in it. I've actually fitted quite a neat air-circulation system to her vivarium which is more than I have. I've got a bandsaw with 10" resaw depth, drill press as well as the usual routers, chisels, saws etc. from my cabinet making days.
  2. The LP didn't excite me although it looks well built, I also don't like the headstock personally. The bass looks georgeous but for some reason it doesn't look right as a headless to me...& the gold, eurgh, sorry but it has to be something very special for me to like gold. Mick, well what can I say. It's damn ugly but you've made a guitar that has fused several ideas yet still looks like a 60's instrument. The colour, the scratchplate, the pickup, the bridge, the position markers...everything looks great. My only comment is that I think that some silver topped witch-hat knobs might look better on it. Well done all of you, my vote goes to Mick.
  3. I went for the V as I don't normally like them but I thought that it looked really well executed. The carve guitar is great, it was a very close second for me, mostly because of the strap button "butt plug" The last one was also really clean & would also be a very worthy winner but not quite my thing.
  4. great idea for a thread...this is going to be a loooong project that's for sure
  5. it would also be good to see how you've attached the fibres to the led...is it just a case of bunching them together & putting heatshrink over them? I've got some cable on order to do some markers. As I'm making the neck from scratch I was going to drill the holes at an angle...creating oval markers & preventing the need for a tight curve under the board. Can you foresee any problems with that?
  6. Personally i set the saddles most of the way forward when placing a bridge, some like 1/4 of the total travel in front of the bridge, 3/4 behind. There should never be any need to move a saddle shorter than the actual scale length so it makes little sense having half the travel of the bridge never being used. Having said that i still wouldnt want to set it with the saddle all the way forward - just in case thanks...good point. I've never actually noticed that they don't need to go forward but a quick measure of my guitars shows just that (not that I doubted you...just wanted to get it drilled into the grey matter).
  7. I understand what you're asking but it was clearly answered by rick500 (post#3). Set all the saddles to the middle of their travel...so that they can be moved backwards & forwards for intonation. The scale length is from the fingerboard side of the nut to the point of string contact on the saddle. When the bridge position is set & the guitar is all ready to go....adjust the saddles for intonation....therefore, slightly changing the scale length for each string so that they are in tune across the fingerboard. The scale length will still be thought of as the same for all strings despite being slightly different for each....there are a few standard scale lengths so you should know that, when measuring from nut to saddle on the high E of a guitar, what scale it is despite being slightly out eg. my Strat has a scale of 25 9/16" on the high E & 25 5/8" on the low E so I know that it is likely to be 25.5" scale.
  8. definitely two angels praying on that one
  9. or is it scarey bunny head from Donnie Darko?
  10. I can't commit to anything 100% but if there's any need for some 3d graphics to show cutaway diagrams or impossible camera moves to get some info across, I might be able to help. I'm not talking "money for nothing" style CAD renders but full-on film quality work. I work for a visualisation company but I'm trying to set up on my own so any portfolio work is welcomed.
  11. is it possible to give some guidelines on what finishes work together successfully? As an example, I'd like to dye a guitar & then clear over it. I'm concerned that if I use a spirit based dye then use a nitro sealer it might cause the dye to run....then adding clear coats might make it worse? sooo.....maybe someone could fill us in on how to layer finishes, eg. does nitro work over acrylic...does polyurethane react to latex etc?
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