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  1. blast from the past- ticket stubs from early 80s

    Rush '81. Nice! Moving Pictures/Exit Stage Left is my favourite period from their catalogue.
  2. The Helix build (video series)

    Nice one, John. Looks like you stole my two-nail method of lining up the top with the body too
  3. Orf With 'Is 'Ed!

    You're missing the ground from the pickup lead to the back of the volume pot, but otherwise it looks correct. No. The kill switch should go across the middle and bottom lugs of the volume pot.
  4. Orf With 'Is 'Ed!

    You mean the diagram you provided minus the tone control? Delete the tone pot and tone cap, and transfer any remaining connection that was previously assigned to the tone pot to the new push-pull volume.
  5. Shielding Paint on Nitro

    Or ground your localised pickup cavity shielding to the shield of the pickup cable. But, yes that is more fiddly.
  6. Orf With 'Is 'Ed!

    What do you want to achieve with the pickups? They offer a number of different voicing options depending on which wires you connect.
  7. Shielding Paint on Nitro

    Grounding the backing plate of a pickup if it has one won't offer that much additional protection against external noise. You'll get more noise rejection by using shielded wire as much as possible. A jazzmaster pickup is fundamentally no different in construction to a standard single coil, and there are usually no special treatments applied to a Strat other than a bit of foil tape on the back of the pickguard and shielded wire on the pickup leads.
  8. Looking good, Jon. The right balance of no frills and bling in my book. How is Mr Oz Tradie? I used to visit his website for updates on his builds and borrow some new ideas, but I notice he hasn't updated anything for a couple of years now.
  9. I can drink to that. Here's cheers
  10. Damn fine work there, Andy. You've got to be pretty chuffed how that turned out. Your shout or mine?
  11. Good to see another Oorstrayan around here. I suspect you and I might have a Gidgee and Blackwood supplier in common.
  12. Operation Shoestring

    Cheers Jon. And welcome (back) to Project Guitar.
  13. I've drawn it assuming you had on/on/on switches. It should work as shown, but it is more complicated than if you use the on/off/on switches. Nope, doesn't need to be in this application.
  14. Beer please: The actual grounding arrangement may be dictated by how easy it is to manipulate all those green connections. I'll leave the actual grounding layout up to you. Note the small jumpers on each switch. If you can use the same mini toggles as the original diagram it will be easier to assemble.
  15. Shielding Paint on Nitro

    Wow, that's dedication. Use shielded wire and save yourself the trouble.