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  1. There's a time for everything Scott. Now is the time for woodworking and outdoor stuff while it's still nice out and light for long enough in the day.
  2. Yep, I've got it, it's pretty cool, I like it a lot
  3. Man, this is turning out awesome. It's actually inspired me to try carving again. I just wish I could see how you started it, like marking where you're gonna carve and such.
  4. I gotta agree with wes on shaping the neck. That's definitely the best. Rasp, spokeshave, and sandpaper, good stuff
  5. I just noticed that those are steinberger tuners. Why did you put those on there? Those are really expensive aren't they?
  6. ...with braces....hehe Looks "good" John (as good as a corvus can be anyway )
  7. It's cause it was a prebuilt neck and that's how it came. That turned out really John
  8. RestorationAD, we should all chip in and buy it and send it to Pete, just to mess with him
  9. The Browns haven't been worth a darn since Pal Brown left the team back in the early 60's. If only the team would have stayed put instead of moving to Baltimore, they'd have had an SB trophy now. Yeah, I know, my dad and I weren't too thrilled when they got moved.... Paint's lookin' good. Is that table a foldup table by Huskie? Cause it looks like one I have.
  10. One other thing I noticed with the fretboard mockup (just in case you didn't think about it) don't forget that the inlay can't go all the way to the slot, if you wanna see the whole inlay, the fretwire has a certain width.
  11. Well if you're gonna go with football, go with the orange and add some brown and white in there Go Cleveland
  12. Why not gold ? Cause gold and blue would make it UofM colors, and I'm an MSU fan awesome that they're in the final four too
  13. A decent color? That's ugly as hell (no offense John). It needs a super bright orange and a royal blue neck or a similar blue, that would be awesome.
  14. That's lookin' cool John. I guess now that you have the extra string ferrules (or will when you order the extra set) you might as well use them by making some guitars with extra strings
  15. Yeah Wez, I think that's a great idea...hehe We could have "The Great Corvus Build-Off"
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