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    Playing guitar, messin around with all things electrical, planning the guitar that i will eventually gett around to make and skateboarding.
  1. i wasnt planning to use it for heavy routinging tho i suppose if im going to be using it to gut aluminium chassis etc then it would be worth dropping the extra to get a good one. looking for them on places other than ebay they seem to start at around £50 for a dremel/bit set. so i may wait untill ive got me a job again before dropping the cash on it unless i find something very promising on ebay cheers for the advice guys. espescially the mention of the flexible shaft from Dugz Ink, that would make some things a helluvalot easier so ill be nabbing one of them as well ill see what mains powered versions they have on ebay but ill research more before i buy anything thanks
  2. Im looking into buying a dremel. im not planning to use it for any guitar inlays just yet tho clearlly thats a posability. main uses will be everything from grinding glass to make slides through to modding and hacking up computer cases. on ebay there are alot of people selling these 60 piece dremel sets with recharger and everything for about £10 to £15 (20 to 30 USD roughlly) for that price will i be getting a rubbish piece of kit that will crap out after a day or will i be ok? is there anything i should avoid or look for. im asking here since i know that a fair few guys will use them and i wasnt able to find anything when i searched thanks for any advice JG
  3. if you have a laptop then heat is going to be a bit of a problem regardless of what processor you get. my computer knowledge comes from the forums on overclockers.co.uk where i lurk and obviouslly they're more closelly geared towards gaming and over clocking. the athalon may run cooler but the difference in a laptop isnt really going to be much. i wouldnt recomend overclocking it obviouislly but i wouldnt worry about the temp either. i see what you mean about the speed of the hard drive for direct recording but look at it like this. the dat transfer rate for USB 1.1 is about 50 Mbps i think. the average WAV file is about 50 meg for a 3 minute song so for direct recordsing you'll have no problems. (incidentlly the transfer rate for USB2.0 is over 100 Mbps i think so again, no trouble) with regards to bandwidth on the firewire connection. its designed to have things daisy chained on it and the data transfer rate is well over 100 mbps so zero trouble even if your running an external HDD thats being used alot and the audiophile. one thing to remember if your using mics is that you'll want a mic preamp and posablly one thats capable of phantom power. that could cost you a bit so id have a look around. it does of course entirelly depend on how you're recording. one last thing with regards to the processors, in truth it doesnt really matter just so long as its fast. data processing is data processing and while one may be able to do it a bit faster, as long as they're good they'll both be fast. as for noise and heat again, it'll depend on the design of the laptop and how they have the heatsinks and cooling done.
  4. ok the spec for my shiny black box of audio editing goodness is thus AMD Athalon 64 3200+ (winchester chipset if that makes any difference to you, supposedlly better for overclocking) 1 Gig of Crucial Ballistix PC4000 DDR RAM, very nice RAM. a gig as all you're gonna need really, even if your doing some heavy editing it'll be fine Motherboard is an MSI K8N Neo2 Platinum. not much to say, its a motherboard and it fits all the stuff lol. it has onboard soundcard, 2 network card connections, 4 USB ports a firewire port as well as an optical out on the soundcard. a few other nifty things but basically its just a nice mobo hard drive is a 160 gig Serial ATA Seagate Barracuda 7200. ide recomend this brand as they well priced and extremelly quiet. the case i got is the antec sonata. its designed to be a quiet case and is very well designed. its a bit pricey but i cant recomend it enough. thats probablly all that would be important with regards to audio. youve seen the sound card that im ordering. also you will never have problems with space on this MOBO, it has 4 SATA sockets, so if you really wanted to you could have 4 SATA hard drives which would give you 800 gig. i dare you to try and use that much space up lol. as far as i know USB hard drives are perfectlly fine to use. with hard drives i wouldnt worry too much about it being slow since the majority of the information youd be playing with would be loaded into the RAM anyhow. desktop vs laptop debate id go desktop but thats just personal; preference. my mates brother has his laptop as a recording studio and its good enough to run a prefessional studio off. i bought all the stuff for my desktop off overclockers.co.uk and built it myself. one place worth checking out for prebuilt audio computers is redsub.com. i had a look there but decided i could do better myself lol. all in all my desktop has cost me £700 for the basics. i then spent £200 on the GFX card and a nifty wireless keyboard and ive spent £330 on thesound card and a mic. with regards to the firewire hub buisness as far as i can tell it wouldnt compromise the audio quality one bit. the signal is converted to digital in the M-Audio device so it traveling through the hub etc wont do anything to it hope all thats helpful. if you really want i can give you a full rundown of my computer but i think thatd do more for polishing my ego than actually being useful to you lol
  5. Ive recentlly sorted out a new computer for recording stuff to and have about 15 mins ago ordered the sound card and a shure SM57 spec on the computer would bore most of you but it runs Doom3 at nearing full spec so basically it will eat audio processing without breaking a sweat. heres a link to a picture of the breakout box for the sound card http://www.soundslive.co.uk/product~name~M...dio~ID~1577.asp basically all that just plugs into the sound card which sits in the PCI slot. it has 4 inputs and 4 outputs for standard 1/4" jack inputs, 2 XLR mic inputs with phantom power, an external FX loop, headphone outputs and a few other nifty things. basically its all im going ot need for recording for a long time. its mainly for me and a friend who are startingsomething resembling a band (we prefer the term "noise project" since band conjours up images of talent") and if i need to get a new mic for his vocals then ill just do that once i get everything sorted and all my software then ill put up some sound clips for you guys
  6. hey ansil man thats pretty nifty. looks damn groovy
  7. i had to go vote for the spalted strat as well. Damn you TSL, you kill my dreams rofl incidentlly, should i feel cheap because nobody has voted for me yet lol
  8. Mkay heres my Nuclear Strat (I really need to come up with a better name lol) have a look at the original thread for the full spec Original Thread On to the pictures looking at the compotition i dont think i got a hope in hells chance of winning espescially with that damn spalted strat in here (damn you tsl lol) nehu, hope you liek it
  9. i hadto go for the Blues axe, i really like all of them but theres just something about that one. i think its because deep down i really want an SG lol
  10. My Name is Guy but most people refer to me as Johnny (school nicknames can really stick lol) im about 90% of the way through building my first guitar which has been built from parts ive bought from ebay and a few other places. its basically just a custom paint job so nothing to amazing. im planning to build more guitars when i have the time and cash. in truth im much more of an electronics person that a luthier but im hoping to learn ive been playing guitar for about a year and a half now and from what im told by lots of people im pretty good and have a certain degree of natural apptitude for it. my taste in music is broad to the extent of being downright wierd. everything from techno trance through to blues rock and right the way to the noisecore end of things. in reality im an 18 year old student who is currentlly only 2 months away from leaving school and taking a year off before going to do electrical engineering at university (man im an interesting person lol). i play guitar, fiddle with all things electronic and skateboard. thats probablly aboutall you wanna know really JG
  11. Young Boy:- Mummy, Mummy, When i grow up i want to be a luthier Mother:- Choose one son you cant do both
  12. i still have to remind myself that most of the people on here are grown men........wait.......no they're not, your all luthiers im loving the guitars. i dont htink i oculd posablly decide lol. I want them all
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